BGMI Lite: This Is Why Krafton Might Not Release Lite Version Of BGMI

Will there be a Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is here and has so far received an overwhelming response from Indian fans. Millions of fans have already download and installed the early access of BGMI on their Android phones but many are still waiting for the official release date of BGMI Lite.

There are two questions that Indian PUBG Mobile lovers are searching on the internet right now — When is BGMI coming on iOS and when is BGMI Lite is releasing? To know BGMI iOS release date, click on this link.

In this post, we will talk about Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite, which is yet to be officially launched on Google Play Store.

BGMI Lite Release Date: Will there be a Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite?

It has been almost a week since Krafton launched BGMI early access on Google Play Store but has not spoken a single word about its Lite version, which has left thousands of fans wondering will Krafton launch the BGMI Lite version or not?

Krafton has not answered this question so far. If anything to go by our experience, the answer depends on the public’s demand. If tons of users demand the Lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton will consider launching it for its fans.

Unlike PUBG Mobile Lite, Krafton might not launch the Lite version of BGMI and there are multiple reasons behind it. The first and foremost reason is Krafton has already given a dedicated resource pack for low-end devices, which can be selected after downloading it from the Google Play Store.

If your Android phone does not have 3 GB RAM or higher, you must select the low spec resource pack, which will take a size of only 379 MB as compared to the 618 MB for the high-end resource pack.

Since the Lite version of the game is meant for people using smartphones that came with 2 GB RAM and less than that and due to the advancement of smartphone technology, the majority of people use smartphones that came with either 3 GB RAM and more. So, the question is why would anyone play the Lite version when they can explore the full version of the game smoothly on their phone?


The last reason why Krafton might not launch the BGMI Lite version is they have already added an Arena Mode, which mimics the smaller gameplay of the Lite version.

These are some reasons why Krafton might not launch the Lite version of BGMI. However, if the developer makes any official announcement related to Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite, we will update this post.