Hydra Dynamo Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, Subscribers And More

The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI ) ID of Hydra Dynamo is 591948701.

As soon as Krafton released Battlegrounds Mobile India, fans started searching for Hydra Dynamo’s BGMI ID, KD ratio, stats, and more. For the unversed, Dynamo is one of the most popular professional BGMI players and content creators in India.

Notably, Hydra Dynamo was the first Indian content creator who uploaded a video of him playing Battlegrounds Mobile India on YouTube. At the time of writing this post, Dynamo’s first BGMI stream has already been watched by more than 7.6 million people and has amassed 600K likes.

Since there are tons of fans who want to know Hydra Dynamo’s BGMI ID, KD Ratio, stats, and subscribers.

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Hydra Dynamo Battlegrounds Mobile India ID

The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) ID of Hydra Dynamo is 591948701 and his in-game alias is H¥DRA丨DYNAMO.

Dynamo’s BGMI K/D ratio and stats:

As of now, Dynamo has played 153 class matches and emerged victorious in 58, taking his win ratio to 32.9%. For the uninformed, Dynamo’s BGMI KD ratio is 3.27, which is absolutely amazing and his headshot percentage is 29.3%.

Hydra Dynamo YouTube Channe and Subscribers

Hydra Dynamo is not a new name on YouTube. He started his YouTube channel named Dynamo Gaming way back in 2010. Since then he amassed more than 947 million views and 9.71 million subscribers. His YouTube channel comes in the list of most followed Indian Gaming YouTube channels.

Apart from his Gaming YouTube channel, Hydra Dynamo has one more channel, DYNO VLOGS. For the unversed, he started his secondary YT channel in October last year. Since then, he has garnered more than 8 million views and 400K subscribers.

Hydra Dynamo Social Handles:

Hydra Dynamo is an avid social media user. He often takes out time and posts something on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. If you want to follow him on Instagram and Twitter, click on the links.  Dynamo has 2.1million and 170K followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively.

That’s everything you need to know about Hydra Dynamo BGMI’s ID, KD ratio, stats, subscribers and more.