How To Play BGMI With Global PUBG Mobile Players?

Can we play Battlegrounds Mobile India with Global PUBG Mobile players?

Ever since Krafton made an announcement to launch the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), tons of fans have been asking the same question “Can BGMI play with Global players?”

At the of launching BGMI in India, Krafton had clearly mentioned that people living outside India would not be able to play it but they did not clarify that whether BGMI players can team up with Global PUBG Mobile or not.

It has been almost a month since Krafton launched the full version of BGMI for Android but they have not unleashed the process of playing BGMI with the Global version of PUBG Mobile.

If you want to play BGMI with Global players then don’t worry, you are at the perfect place.

Can BGMI Play With Global Players?

Krafton might not have made any official announcement regarding the same but a renowned BGMI player named Scout had said that BGMI will allow its player to play against PUBG Mobile players.

According to Scout’s statement, BGMI will allow users to change servers, lettings Battlegrounds Mobile India players play with Global PUBG Mobile players.

Speaking more about the same, Scout in one of its live-streaming said that Krafton will definitely do this to ensure that the esports scene in India does not get affected.

How To Play BGMI With Global PUBG Mobile Players?

To play BGMI with PUBG Mobile players, you will have to go to the Settings page and select the desired server from the list. Once you have successfully switched your server from India to any other country, you will be able to match-making with Global PUBG Mobile players.

Notably, this feature is yet to be launched by Krafton. As soon as Krafton makes it available in Battlegrounds Mobile India, we will update this post.