Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): When Will iOS Players Get The Game?

BGMI early access has been made open for all but only for android users. Let's see when will iOS players get Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Krafton has already released early access for everyone and players are loving it. The only problem is as of now the early access is only open for android users. Let’s see when will iOS players get their hands on Battleground Mobile India (BGMI).

When Will iOS players get Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

As of now, there is no official announcement from Krafton stating when the early access of BGMI will be available for iOS users. Many are expecting that the early access is only for android users. Apple users will get Battlegrounds Mobile India when the full version is released for everyone. If this is true then iOS players will have to wait for one more week. With the early access now open for all many are expecting the full version of BGMI to be out by next week.

The early access has been a raging success already with more than 5 million downloads. In the coming week, that number is expected to touch 10 million as well. Apple users will surely be feeling that FOMO and will also have some disadvantages as others will have one week of experience more than them. Players will be able to carry over their early access progress to the full version of BGMI. This will increase the leverage android users already had. Apple users were also neglected during the early access launch of PUBG New State. Many users have questioned Krafton regarding this issue. There hasn’t been any direct response on why early access was not made available for iOS users. The only good thing from this whole fiasco is the hilarious memes doing rounds on Twitter mocking iOS users.

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