Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): How To Buy UC From Codashop At Discount

BGMI just announced Codashop as it's first partner website. Let's see how to buy BGMI UC from codashop at a cheaper price.

Like any other game, Battlegrounds Mobile India also has a few in-game currencies that can be used to buy weapons, armors, and everything else. While a few of these currencies can be earned in the game, UC isn’t one of them, as the only way to get UC is by purchasing it using real money. Players can buy UC from the in-game store or third-party websites like Codashop. Let’s see how to purchase BGMI UC from Codashop at a lower price.

Step by step process to buy UC from Codashop for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy UC from Codashop

  • Search Codashop or click here to go to the website
  • Look for Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI) and click on it
  • Enter your BGMI Player ID and select the UC pack you want to buy
  • Select the payment method, complete the process, and you will see the UC credited in your BGMI account.

Battlegrounds Mobile India and Codashop Collaboration

Codashop is the first and, as of now, the only third-party website where players can buy UC. BGMI just announced this collaboration, and as an inaugural offer, all the players will get extra UC, discounts, and cashback on their purchases. Here is the price of UC in the Battlegrounds Mobile India store

  • 75rs for 60 UC
  • 380rs for 300 UC + 25 UC
  • 750rs for 600 UC + 60 UC
  • 1900rs for 1500 UC + 300 UC
  • 3800rs for 3000 UC + 850 UC
  • 7500rs for 6000 UC + 2100 UC

Let’s see the UC prices on Codashop

  • 75rs for 60 UC + 6 UC
  • 380rs for 300 UC + 55 UC
  • 750rs for 600 UC + 120 UC
  • 1900rs for 1500 UC + 450 UC
  • 3800rs for 3000 UC + 1150 UC
  • 7500rs for 6000 UC + 2700

As you can see, UC is cheaper on codashop than the in-game store of BGMI. Apart from these discounts, players can also get guaranteed Paytm and UPI cashback making the purchase even cheaper. In case you were planning on buy UC, codashop is the best and cheapest option.

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