Top 5 Best Foregrips To Use In BGMI (November 2022)

Here are all the best foregrips in BGMI to use in the low recoil!

There are plenty of weapons to use in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). All weapons come with several attachments to improve the performance of each gun and get the best kills in the game. Foregrips in BGMI are one of the attachments used for various guns.

This post will not only explain what Foregrips are in BGMI but also reveal a bunch of Foregrip that players can attach to their weapons and get the best result.

What Are Foregrips In BGMI?

Foregrips or grips are low rail attachments in BGMI that help players to get better stability in low recoil and get the best shots. There are a total of 5 different types of foregrips in BGMI that can be attached to various weapons and get the best out of each. Notably, each grip has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are all types of Foregrips available in BGMI:

  • Angled Foregrip
  • Half Foregrip
  • Light Foregrip
  • Thumb Foregrip
  • Vertical Foregrip

Here Are All Foregrips In BGMI & Their Description

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 5 different foregrips that can be attached to several guns in BGMI. It is very important to understand which grip is suitable for which gun in a particular situation. If you don’t know that then you might not be able to get the best advantage of it.

To help you understand all the grips and their use in BGMI, we have created a detailed guide for you:

1) Angled Foregrip

foregrips in BGMI

Angled Grip is the best for long-range combats. It will help players by getting additional +10% ADS speed and -15% horizontal recoil during fights. Angled foregrip in BGMI also decreases horizontal and vertical recoil thereby getting the best kills during matches.

2) Half Foregrip

foregrips in BGMI

It is also one of the best Foregrips in BGMI for long-range combats. It decreases the vertical and horizontal recoil and improves recoil recovery time. Half foregrip decreases -8% Vertical Recoil and -8% Horizontal Recoil on the gun. What makes it different from other BGMI grips is, it is orange in color and it’s the best grip to use for M416.

3) Light Foregrip

foregrips in BGMI

The Light foregrip in BGMI is good for close-range fights. It helps to increase the recoil recovery and stability of the weapons. It is the best grip to use when you are using your gun in the single mode.

4) Thumb Foregrip

foregrips in BGMI

The Thumb Foregrip is one of the weakest foregrips in BGMI. It will be only useful to you for a close spray of bullets in the combats. It is only good for ADS as it increases the ADS speed by up to 30% and reduces the recoil pattern by 5%.

5) Vertical Foregrip

foregrips in BGMI

The Verticle foregrip is the best grip in BGMI when it comes to controlling the gun and stability. It is best used for AR guns as it has a huge vertical recoil. It is good in close combats for hip-fire in BGMI.

This is everything you need to know about the best foregrips in BGMI. Check out another article to know all the details of the M4 Royal Pass in BGMI.