BGMI: Anti Cheat Status Today

Krafton is taking action and is going to be strictly anti-cheating.

BGMI is a popular Battle Royale game that has come up and stayed a favorite among players worldwide. To be a cheater is easy and can be extremely demotivating for those of us that don’t. Luckily, Krafton has vowed to invoke an anti-cheat status for BGMI fans today and will be very strict against those that violate its rules. Here is everything that you need to know about the BGMI: Anti Cheat status today.

Krafton’s Stand on the BGMI Anti Cheat Status


BGMI: Anti-Cheat Status Today

Since the game’s inception, Krafton has been doing its best to handle cheaters as they come. With the intensity of cheaters increasing, however, they have changed their stance over time.

Previously, the organization would temporarily ban cheaters over a certain period of time before allowing them back. Later, the BGMI: Anti-cheat status evolved as a temporary ban was not enough. And so, Krafton Inc. then started to permanently ban cheater’s IDs when found. As of now, however, the organization has implemented a hardware ban as well as the permanent ID ban.


This means that not only will the player’s account be banned but their gaming devices will be blacklisted as well. Leaving these players with nowhere left to go. Unless, of course, they buy another device. At the start of 2022 itself, they banned close to 50,000 players. The anti cheat status is strict and unrelenting.

Being this ruthless with their banning system has made gaming that much safer but has also kept everyone on their toes. Of course, we do not want to get unwarranted rewards and wins, beating other players without any real in-game skill, etc. but we all make mistakes sometimes. So, we aren’t sure how this extreme is the right solution as well.

To deal with these issues, Garena Free Fire has introduced a Credit System in the game where players are monitored and rewarded for good gaming behaviors. They also have points deducted in addition to being penalized for bad gaming behaviors. This system allows players to make mistakes and face penalties without having to go through an instant ban. We hope that the BGMI: anti-cheat status also follows this system soon.


We hope that Krafton too follows in Free Fire’s path. So as to have good, friendly but still tough gaming sessions. To know more about other BGMI news, check out these BGMI Guides.


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