BGMI Air Conveyor Locations: How To Ride The Air Conveyor

Here is a quick guide for your adventurous ride on an Air Conveyor in BGMI.

Battlegrounds India (BGMI) is in the hype since its release. It has modified maps, weapons, and many more things in its 1.5 version. The most talked-about feature of this update is the Air Conveyor. The player can find it by entering Ignite mode which is accessible via Evoground mode.

This Air Conveyor is like a fancy ride launched by the developers. It basically shoots the player high up in the sky. The main reason behind this feature is to fly long distance using Air Conveyor in future.

Where to find and How to fly using the Air Conveyor in BGMI?

air conveyor bgmi

The Air Conveyors are not hard to find in BGMI. There are distributed all over the map with spots which indicate you of Air conveyor in that area. Try and launch on one which is far more as there will be less rush and you will get to ride it avoiding fights.

You can locate Air Conveyor only in Ignite mode in the Evoground mode and not in the classic matches. This event will be available for all the players till September.

Here Are All Air Conveyor Locations in BGMI

  • Kaminski
  • Stabler
  • Near Hospital
  • Near Novorepnoye
  • Primark
  • Security Center
  • Tech center

How to ride the Air Conveyor in BGMI?

Once you land on one of the spots on the map and find the Air Conveyor, walk towards it. You will see the “Enter” button, click on it, and find yourself sitting on the Air Conveyor.

Use the desired orientation and inclination to reach your favorite location.
You will not be the one alone who wants to ride it, there will be other players competing with you. In such a situation beat your opponents first and then go on your ride on Air conveyor.

That’s all about the Air Conveyor in BGMI. To know more about another update of the New Tesla Skin in BGMI read our article on same.