3 and 4 Letter Clan Names For Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile India

Here are more than 100 BGMI clan names that consist of either 3 or 4 words.

Irrespective of where gamers live they search first thing after downloading and installing a game is clan or squad names. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players are no different. It has not been a week since BGMI was launched for Android, there are tons of fans who have been searching for the best and stylish clan names.

Apart from searching for cool, unique, attractive, awesome, stylish, and the best BGMI clan names, there are fans who want their clan names to be so short and simple. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 3 or 4 letter clan names for Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile India.


In our previous guides, we have already provided a huge collection of BGMI clan and squad names but the names that we have provided here are entirely different. In this post, we have enlisted more than 50 BGMI clan names that only have either 3 or 4 letters.

If you too want to have your BGMI clan name is short and crispy then you must check out the following collection.

Here Are 3 Letter Clan Names For Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile India


All BGMI clan names that we have provided below have only 3 letters. Apart from providing 3 letter clan names only, we have mentioned what they stand for.

  • MGD: Monsters, Ghouls, and Devils
  • CRF: Close Range Fighters
  • IFP: Impressive Fire Power
  • VMW: Victorious Men and Women
  • BAC: Big Arsenal Collectors
  • OMA: One Man Army
  • CMA: Cool Martial Artists
  • BTS: Big Terrifying Slayers
  • AWS: Always Winning Squad
  • TEA: The Evil Army
  • TFB: The Fire Brigade
  • CFS: Cool Funky Strategists
  • YGA: Your Guardian Angels
  • ESF: Epic Strong Fighters
  • QWB: Quick Work on the Battlefield
  • HAS: Hitmen Armed Services
  • LTK: Love to Kill
  • CWT: Crazy Wild Tactics
  • BBH: Booming Blood Hunters
  • BTF: Born To Fight
  • RBK: Raging Beastly Killers
  • OHW: One Hit Wonder
  • IGG: International Group of Gamers
  • BBK: Bloody Beastly Killers
  • LOQ: Legion of Queens
  • LOT: Locked on Target
  • MVP: Mission Victory Possible
  • CYC: Crazy Young Combats
  • BBD: Big Bad Destroyers
  • WGO: Winning Gamers Only
  • CFH: Crazy Fast Hands
  • ICS: Insanely Cool Strategists
  • CAF: Clan Assault Force
  • ASA: Amazing Strong Admirals
  • CPM: Crazy Psycho Mutants
  • BAD: Brave Angel Destroyers
  • HFH: Hilariously Fun Hooligans
  • MIB: Men In Black
  • BBG: Breakfast Before Games
  • BOG: Bunch of Gamers
  • RGF: Real Game Force
  • HPM: Happy Peace Makers
  • HFF: Hot and Fiery Fighters
  • AHH: Ambitious Heroic Hunks
  • KAL: Kick Ass Ladies
  • EBU: Expert Battlefield Unit
  • PMM: Powerful Masters of Mutation
  • TFC: The Fun Clan
  • QBD: Quick Bounty Deliverers
  • RFS: Rapid Fire Shooters
  • YEM: Young Experienced Monsters
  • FOC: Fan of Clans
  • TSM: Tricky Silent Masters
  • FGG: Fun Gamer Girls
  • VSD: Victorious Sons and Daughters
  • VAR: Vicious and Ruthless
  • AFP: Alive and Fiery Phoenixes
  • SDD: Scary Demolition Dragons
  • VYP: Vicious Youth Punks
  • SSS: Smart Sneaky Strategists
  • SST: Strategic Survival Team
  • DWW: Dragons, Warlocks, and Witches
  • MFS: Master Force Squad

Here Are 4 Letter Clan Names For Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile India


The following BGMI Clan names consist of four letters. If you want to have your clan name in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is short and catchy then you should take a look at the names below.

  • BOTB: Best of the Best
  • FLOT: Fearless Leaders of Tomorrow
  • GFBA: Geared For Battle Always
  • REAA: Ready Everything and Attack
  • DTPS: Defend, Take, Protect, Serve
  • TTWP: Through The Warriors’ Perspectives
  • TBFE: The Best Forces Everyday
  • AITZ: Always In The Zone
  • WAAB: We Are Always Bulletproof
  • YCTU: You Can’t Touch Us
  • HFTG: Here For The Game
  • TGSW: The Great Silver Warriors
  • WRTB: We Raise The Bar
  • TMFY: Too Much For You
  • WMAO: We Move As One
  • QAQA: Quick and Quiet Assassins
  • WOTG: We Own The Game
  • OTTS: Our Time To Shine
  • TMKW: The Mighty Keyboard Warriors
  • HUVD: Hell’s Ultimate Village Destroyers
  • CAPG: Cool And Psychedelic Gamers
  • WCIP: We Come In Peace
  • HFTR: Here For The Raids
  • BRED: Battle Ready Every Day
  • YCSH: You Can’t Sit Here
  • TGMB: The Great and Mighty Battalion
  • TLHS: The Legendary Heroic Soldiers
  • WLFB: We Love Fresh Blood
  • NBFM: No Begging For Mercy
  • PGOL: Psycho Gamers On the Loose
  • TEOO: The Extremely Overrated Overlords
  • TOLO: The Only Lucky Ones
  • TCFC: The Cold Force Clan
  • MGOT: Master Gatherers of Terror
  • TBBE: The Big Brainy Enforcers
  • TBWW: The Best Weapon Wielders
  • TDLW: The Dangerous Lone Wolves
  • TSDM: Team Smart and Daunting Marauders
  • WAHW: We Are Hungry for War
  • INJG: It’s Not Just A Game
  • TIDM: The Insane Dragon Masters
  • WATP: We Are The Phoenixes
  • TBUC: The Best Untitled Clan
  • TSRD: Team Stealthy Red Devils
  • TRDP: The Real Deadly Players
  • WPEO: We Play Everything Online
  • TBOP: The Barbaric Online Players
  • YDDC: Your Dream Destroyer Clan
  • THSP: The Hidden Secret Power
  • TMSS: The Mighty Secret Strategists
  • BBAS: Battlefield Brawlers and Strikers
  • TCIV: Team Crazy Immortal Victors
  • BSFL: Best Squad For Life
  • RADG: Ride and Die Gang
  • OHPD: Online Hunks Playing Daily
  • SOTA: Special Ops Team Always
  • GGFK: Girl Gamers for Keeps
  • WMSB: We Mean Serious Business
  • VDAP: Village Defenders and Protectors
  • WOYL: We Own Your Land
  • WTGG: Wizards, Trolls, Giants, Goblins
  • MIOB: Magic In Our Blood
  • TBAW: The Brave Alpha Wolves

These are more than 100 BGMI clan names that consist of either 3 or 4 letters. Notably, these are not all codes that we have for you, we will update more codes in the days to come.


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