VTuber Veibae’s Real Face, Name, Age, Relationship & More

From real face, real name, photo, age, to relationship, here's everything you need to know about VTuber, Veibae.

Veibae is one of the most searched Vtubers right now. The beautiful VTuber has been in the news since she made her debut on Twitch. She might have created her Twitch account way back in 2015 but she gained fame and recognition after a renowned Japanese YouTube named Shinji uploaded a bunch of videos of her.

As soon as Veibae’s videos went viral on the internet, a lot of people started searching for Veibae’s real face, real name, age, and more. If you too are curious to know everything about this female VTuber then look no further as we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Who Is Veibae?

As mentioned above, Veibae is a female VTuber belonging to the United Kingdom. The gorgeous VTuber often streams on Twitch and tries her best to become popular on YouTube as well. Since most of her Twitch Streams are marked as 18+, a lot of fans want to know Veibae’s real face or Veibae’s face revelation video.

After creating a huge fan base on Twitch, she started uploading videos on YouTube. She uploaded her first video on YouTube was on 8 May last year. In September last year, she announced to launch of the Live2D model with unique succubus outfits, which was somehow delayed.

On 27th September, she revealed two planned alternate Live2D outfits including her Original pink hoodie outfit and a Japanese-inspired outfit, which looks like the outfit of hololive’s Nakiri Ayame.

In April 2021, Veibae made an announcement of joining the US-based VTuber agency called VShojo, which has members like Nyatasha Nyanners, Ironmouse, and Projekt Melody. She was not well during her debut and had not showered or worn deodorant.

Veibae Real Face: Has Vei Revealed Her Face?

There are tons of fans who want to see the real face of Veibae but the popular Twitch Streamer is yet to reveal her real identity. There are multiple sites on the internet that circulate pictures of Veibae, which are yet to be confirmed by the VTuber.

As soon as Veibae reveals her real face, we will update this post.

How Does Veibae Look Like?

Veibae is a succubus who has blue eyes, white hair, pointed ears, and a long black pointed tail. She has a pair of Dark Red and Black horns in her 2D or 3D mode, respectively. She may have revealed numerous outfits of her but her main outfit is a pink jumpsuit.

Vei Relationships

Veibei married a female VTuber named Silvervale in a VR ceremony that was officiated by Nyanners. She reportedly has a crush on Nyanners and has considered proposing to Snufyy and others who buy her merch.

Veibae Age

According to media reports, Veibae’s age is 25. Notably, the date is yet to be confirmed by the Twitch streamer.

That’s all you need to know about Veibae.