All You Need To Know About The Orville Season 3

Here's what you guys can expect from the upcoming The Orville Season 3.

The Orville Season 3 is all set for a comeback. Fans are excited to know what will be in store this season. If you are also curious to know what does the upcoming season has in store for us. Then keep scrolling down in this article we have given detailed information on what you guys can expect from the show.

This season we will be seeing some changes to the show. Creator Seth Macfarlane affirmed that the upcoming season will be the most astounding season of all. But the series will not air on Fox Disney but will instead be shifting on Hulu. Just like this many changes will be seen in the show. Let’s check out what they are gonna be.

All You Need To Know About The Orville Season 3

1. The Season Has Been Delayed Again

After the pandemic, everyone around the world many things came to a stop. And so did many Hollywood productions etc which is why The Orville ended up with massive delays. The shooting had to stop and when the shoot of the series resumed again it had to be stopped. This was due to an increased number of Covid-19 cases in California earlier this year. It is being said that the release date of the show will be around the end of this year

2. Series To Air On Hulu

IF you wish to catch this series you will have to go to Hulu since the show has switched networks from Fox Disney to Hulu. This means that we will be seeing some new changes within the show. This should give you guys enough to get excited about the upcoming season.

3. Seth McFarlane To Direct Most Episodes

Seth McFarlane and co-producing director John Cassar will be the ones overseeing the directing of the show. It is being that there will be some changes in the overall format of the show.

4. It’s Coming To Disney+

Since Disney has been funding the series it is no shock that you will even be able to see the show on Disney+.  Orville’s initial re-networking was prompted by Disney’s acquisitions of 21st Century Fox. The funds provided by Disney will be huge for the series to progress and expand on another level.

5. More Mature Than Before

The series has managed to gain a huge fan following with its ability to switch between hilarious shenanigans and deeply thought-provoking story arcs. This not only helps in relaying thoughts on real-life serious matters but also adds rumor to it. Much liked and stable storyline makes you wonder what more spice will be added in the show.

6. Episodes To Be Longer

Compared to the previous season The Orville Season 3 will be having fewer episodes. But do not be disappointed since the episodes this season are gonna be much longer. It is being said that the time for each episode will be increased by 12-15 minutes.

7. Fewer Episodes

Like we mentioned above that the episodes this season are gonna be cut short. The first and second seasons of The Orville had 12 and 14 episodes respectively. But this time season 3 is gonna be different with only 11 episodes. This should not be much of a disappointment for many since the episodes now are gonna be longer compared to the previous seasons.

8. Weekly Release Of Episodes

The Orville Season 3 will be releasing episodes weekly. The season is said to not relating the whole season at once. Previously the seasons before were not aired on streaming platforms with all episodes at a time so there should be no backlash for the production team.

9. Crews All Present

It was being speculated that actors may end up dropping the show after the Covid-19 hit, but it does not seem to be the case. You will be seeing the whole crew onboard in this season as well. All characters will be seen in their respective role this season as well.

Before The Orville Season 3 is released we hope that our article will keep you excited and waiting eagerly for the show to go on air. While here our article on JoJo Part 6 Stone Ocean may also interest you.