What Is Spider Man: Lotus?

Is Spider Man: Lotus an official Marvel project?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is truly coming into its own with TV series and films aplenty. However, the huge number of upcoming Marvel projects can sometimes cause confusion among fans of the franchise. This is what happened with Spider Man Lotus.

The trailer for this film was recently released and fans were confused if it was a Marvel project or in any way associated with Sony. We will clear up this confusion in this article.

What Is Spider Man: Lotus?


Spider Man: Lotus is not associated with Marvel or Sony in any way. It is, in fact, a fan film that is not being made for profit. It has been written and directed by Gavin J. Konop.

The summary for the film, as posted by the Director on IMDb, reads, “Following the tragic death of his former girlfriend – seemingly caused by his own attempt to save her – Peter Parker (Warden Wayne) lingers in his guilt of the past, questioning whether the curse of his alter ego should be buried for good. When he’s met by the news that a terminally ill child has requested to meet Spider-Man, Peter contemplates the decision to comfort him in his final days.”

Spider Man: Lotus has been treated as a professional project with a budget of $25,899, as per MyComicReport. The trailer for the film was released October 2021. It currently has over 1.6 million views on YouTube.

A release date for the film has not been announced yet but it is expected in 2022. Warden Wayne has played the character of Peter Parker in the film. In addition, Sean Thomas Reid and Moriah Brooklyn will be seen as Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson respectively.

If Marvel fans want to check out the trailer for this upcoming film, they can find it below.

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