Here’s Why Pokemane’s No-Makeup Stream On Twitch Is Still Most Searched Query Of Her?

Here are all the gossips you are looking for Pokimane's stream without makeup after 2 years.

Pokimane is one of the hottest female streamers on Twitch. She has 8.1 Million followers on Twitch. Apart from having a huge fan base on Twitch, she has more than 6.7 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. For the unversed, Pokimane has been streaming on Twitch since 2012.

The number of controversies helped to get famous and gather all these followers on her profile. These controversies are one of the reasons behind all the limelight Pokimane has got. As she says ‘simp culture’ was one of the reasons for what she has achieved till now.

Why Pokimane’s no-makeup look is still one of the most searched queries on the internet?

There are a number of female streamers on Twitch who almost 95% of the time prefer to put makeup on their streams. Pokimane is one of the famous hottest female streamers on Twitch. She also prefers to put on makeup on almost all her streams. It’s very rare times when Pokimane reveals her no-makeup look on her stream on Twitch.

Pokimane’s fans and followers are so obsessed with a video wherein she decided to stream without makeup. It became a spicy topic for all. People are so into her life that not only her no-makeup look but also several aspects of Pokimane’s life have been the most searched queries on the internet.

Apart from Pokimane’s no-makeup stream, her fans also search for her feet, her apology for all the controversies, and about her drama on the streaming platform.

There are also streamers like Keemstar and Leafy who accused her and made fun of Pokimane calling her fake. Keemstar also tweeted about Pokimane lying about her relationship in order to gain sympathy from all the followers by playing sad card.

That’s all the stories that kept Pokimane kept in starlight on Twitch including her no-makeup stream story.