Are Ludwig and QTCinderella Dating? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Want to know the love story of record-breaking Twitch streamer Ludwig and QTCenderella? Read our article to know their love story.

Ludwig is a popular Twitch streamer who came in limelight at the beginning of 2021 because of his record-breaking “Subathon”. He had come up with a deal that as long as people continue subscribing to him he will stay online. He broke the record of a streamer named Ninja by staying in front of the camera longer than him and earned about 200,000 subscribers.

QTCinderella is a 21-year-old twitch streamer who has around 400,000 followers. She got famous for her gaming streams, gaming videos, live chats on streams with fans, and comments against toxic streaming culture on her videos.

Ludwig and QTCinderella are collaborating very frequently. Seeing together the rumors are spreading if they are just collaborating because they are friends or there is something really going on between them.

When Ludwig Met QTCinderella For The First Time

After multiple collaborations and live streamings together they finally decide to meet each other in person. The whole scene was recorded, also QTCinderella posted about it on her channel. The chemistry between both of them was very clearly visible since the beginning of the video their first meet.

The group was taken to an art museum they had a very funny entertaining funny debate. Their first meet video was so successful that Ludwig went back on the video. He uploaded it on his channel while roasting QTCinderella in the comment box cherishing the memory of it.

Are Ludwig and QTCinderella Dating?

They had multiple online collaborations in which their on-screen chemistry is clearly visible. Ludwig finally took QTCinderella on an official date. It was confusing for almost all the fans as they are very good friends that’s why it was a little difficult to say whether it was a date or they were just hanging out.

The confusion was cleared when Ludwig publically asked QTCinderella on Twitter to go on an actual first date with him. It happed in February 2020.

After this, they were seen collaborating on and off the camera. Also, they were seen in the humorous video where they were found debating on their views on dating.

Ludwig And QTCinderella’s Sweet Chemistry

They were seen helping each other in embarrassing moments. The most talked-about event is when QTCinderella was stuck in the room with a rat and then Ludwig walked inside the room to end the stream.

In April 2021, QTCinderella appeared in his room and suddenly something happed and it ended his long live stream by mistake. Then after that, they came and explained what exactly happened.

QTCinderella visited his house to give Esters basket it was kept behind his monitor when this happened.

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