HBO Max: How To Sign In Using The TV Sign In Code

Many people are facing issues signing in on HBO max using cable providers code. Here's how to sign in on HBO max using the TV sign in code.

HBO max is the latest addition to the streaming giants after Disney+. With the roster HBO and Warner brothers already own people have already started jumping on to try the free month of HBO max. Many people have got codes from their cable provider that can get them the free month of HBO Max but aren’t able to use the code to sign in. Here’s how to sign in on HBO Max using the TV sign-in code.

How To Sign In on HBO Max using the TV sign-in code

Follow the below-mentioned steps to sign in on HBO max using the cable provider’s sign-in code

  • Open on your TV
  • Enter the code in the textbox using your TV remote and press next
  • Select the service provider you got the code from (can be a cable provider or cellular provider)
  • Enter the username and password of your cable or mobile provider’s account.
  • Put in the rest of your basic details like name and email and create your HBO max account.
  • Make your profiles and set up your HBO max account and you are good to go.

HBO max is coming up with many originals this year. WB already owns a huge library of content and they will be putting all of it on HBO and milking old classics as well. The Friends reunion and the fresh prince reunion are some of the examples of it. HBO Max will be hosting some very cool exclusive content as well. Users should get a year’s subscription of HBO max and if you are getting it for free from your cable or phone provider then even better. We would recommend you to hop on to that offer and use it as soon as you can.

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