How To Get HBO Max Tv Sign In Enter Code In 2021?

Here is a guide for you to sign in and get activation code for HBO Max!

HBO Max is a popular American video streaming platform similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video where you can stream videos, movies, series, etc. It is available to stream in different languages like English, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish.

It is pretty simple to take a subscription and watch content on HBO Max. Though, HBO Max does not provide a free trial you can always opt for a monthly subscription. The application is available on all the app stores and you can stream it on mobile,iPad, Tv, and PlayStation.

There are many people looking for ways to stream HBO Max on their Tv and other devices for which they require a sign-in code. If you are also the one and looking for ways to get an HBO Max Tv Sign-in code then you are in right place. Here is a guide for you to sign in and enjoy all your favorite shows on the big screen.

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Guide To Sign-in And Get Activation Code For HBO Max

HBO Max tv sign in code

HBO Max application is available to download for free in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download the application and then follow the steps written below in the guide to sign in successfully.

How To Sign-in For HBO Max?

1) Download HBOMax on your mobile device from the app store and install it.

2) Now open the application and click on the Sign-in button on the screen.

3) Fill in your details like name, email address, password, gender, etc, and hit the sign-in button again.

4) Now select the plan according to your preference and pay the estimated amount using online banking.

5) And it’s done! You can enjoy all your favorite shows here without any interruption on your mobile.

How To Get Sign-in Code For Tv In HBO Max?

Once you successfully take the HBO Max subscription to your mobile and now want to watch it on your Tv screen then you will need a 6 digit activation code. Follow the steps given below to get the activation code for HBO Max Tv Sign-in.

1) Go to to Sign-Up for Tv.

2) Type your email address and password in the columns in front of you.

3) Select the location from the drop-down list and click on the register button next to it.

4) Now you will get a 6 digit activation code on your screen. Write this code somewhere as you’ll need it in the future to scream content on your tv.

5) Open HBO Max on your mobile and sign in again and type the code on your tv.

6) Now you will be redirected to a new sign-in page. Sign in to your HBO Max account using the same credentials.

7) Choose who is watching and start streaming with HBO Max.

This is everything you need to know about how to get HBO Max Tv Sign-in Code.

Note: HBO Max is available in only a few regions across the globe. So if you are trying to sign in but getting “Sorry, HBO MAX isn’t available in your region yet”  then you can try and look for other alternatives for HBO Max.