BTS Is Finally Going On A Vacation After 2019!

BTS members are finally taking a break after 2 years!!

All BTS (Bangtan Boys) members are finally going to take a short vacation after working hard for 2 years straight. BTS members took their last vacation in 2019 and since then they have been working very hard on albums and concerts. All the members are going to return from their concert in LA and soon after that, they will head to their homes for an extended vacation with their families.

BTS Is Taking A Much Needed Official Break After 2 Years:

As all the BTS fans already know that the members live in Seoul and work day and night for all their albums and concerts. They even have been working throughout pandemics and engaging their fans and have reached the list of top pop singers in the world. And it’s finally time for them to take some rest and have a little family time. BigHit Music announced about BTS members planning to take their second extended vacation since 2019 on their Twitter handle.

BTS members were in Los Angles for their ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ Concert and they will be back in Seoul soon. As soon as they will be back they will be heading to their homes for a much needed extended period of rest. While they will be on break they will be also working on their upcoming In-person concert that is going to be out in March 2022.

It is 2nd time when BTS has taken an official break or vacation since they started working. It was back in 2019 last time when they saw their families. All the BTS members have been working very hard all these years to be on the list of top pop singers in the world. And now it’s time for them to take a little rest from their busy schedule and spend holidays with their families.

As soon as they are back from vacation, members will start working on their new album “New chapter” which will be out in 2022. Stay tuned for all the upcoming albums and concerts of BTS once they are back from their extended vacation!