Bray Wyatt: Everything You Need To Know About His New WWE Mask

Want to know about Bray Wyatt's new Fiend mask? Then check this out!

Windham Lawrence Rotunda aka  ‘Bray Wyatt’ is a popular American professional wrestler. He has been in news since his non-compete 90 days Claus has come to an end. He is a popular wrestler who has recently released his newly created Feind mask with the help of Kyle A. Scarborough.

Kyle A. Scarborough is an American tattoo artist who has designed this Feind mask for Bray Wyatt. Do you want to know more about Bray Wyatt’s new WWE mask? If yes then keep reading this post.

What Is The Concept behind Bray Wyatt’s WWE Mask?

Bray Wyatt new WWE mask

There are leaks in the news about WWE removing Bray Wyatt from WWE before he could release his mask. Bray has been working with Kyle A. Scarborough on his new scary, horror mask that he was about to launch after his 90-day non-compete clause has been expired.

But as WWE is removing him from the company there were many fans of Bray Bray Wyatt’s waiting for his new WWE mask. But as the news broke about him Kyle A. Scarborough took it to Twitter and posted a sketch of the mask that is about to release. Taking it to Twitter Kyle said;

“Fun Fact: The first mask concept was to be a 2-parter, w/ the face being able to be removed, revealing exposed flesh underneath (ala The Joker influence). The mask was completed, but unreleased.”

All Bray Wyatt’s fans are worried if why will see him in future matches with his new WWE mask or not.  Then they should not worry about him as he is a free agent and he can be signed by any promotions sooner or later in the ring.

This is everything you need to know about Bray Wyatt and his new WWE mask (The Feind Mask). Check out another article on who is Teresa Wierson and what is her relationship with Elvira?