Alison Parker Money Heist Name, Biography, Relationships and More

Here's everything you need to know about Money Heist character, Alison Parker.

If there is any Spanis drama that millions of people are currently waiting for, it is Money Heist Season 5. The popular series showcases two long-prepared heists led by a handsome Professor (Alvaro Morte).

The heist drama has an amazing cast that has left people to search for their names and personal life on the internet. There is no denying that each and every actor and actress play an important role in Money Heist but what fans are currently searching on the internet is about Alison Parker.

Yes, there are thousands of fans who want to know Money Heist actress Alison Parker’s actual name, age, boyfriend, net worth, and more. If you too are curious to know about her then keep reading this post.

Alison Parker Money Heist Name

Alison Parker is a second character in Money Heist that is currently streaming on Netflix. Her role is played by none other than beautiful actress, Pedraza. In the drama series, she was one of the dozens of hostages that were held in the Royal Mint of Spain.


Alison plays the role of Sir Benjamin Parker’s daughter. For the uninformed, Benjamin Parker is the British Ambassador in Spain. Her father used to take her hunting since she was merely a five-year kid but it is a dance she really wants to do.

There are fans who have not watched the series are wondering how she was held hostage in the Royal Mint of Spain? Let me tell you that she along with her classmates visited the Royal Mint and when they were there, the professor and his team started the heist, thinking that these students will play pivotal roles leaving from the Royal Mint when the heist is completed.

Since she was the daughter of the British Ambassador, Arturo told her to hide while inspector Raquel paid a visit to Royal Mint to check if everybody is alive. If she finds her missing, she will let the Police enter the Royal Mint. She was finally captured by Nairobi.


During her stay in the Royal Mint, it is Pablo who often sits next to Alison Parker and has a talk with her. There a time comes, when both go into the bathroom to make out. Pablo asks her to take an intimate photo with him, to which she agrees.

Later, she takes her bra off for a while and clicks the photo, and posts the same picture on her social media handle, despite she was not allowed to use phones. Their act was caught by Tokyo and they join the other hostages.

On October 23, the Police decide to save Alison Parker instead of 8 hostages. He intimidates her with his multiple friends until they are stopped by Nairobi who sends them out.

When Nairobi finds out that Alison is being humiliated and mocked by her classmates, she comes forward and helps her gain the lost confidence. Tokyo, who is in love with Rio, becomes jealous when she finds out Rio and Alison having a talk in the bathroom. The moment Rio leaves, she intimidates Alison and kisses her.

That’s all you need to know about the Money Heist character, Alison Parker.