How To Make Friends On BitLife

Here is how you can make friends in BitLife and become the true socialite that you are.

BitLife is the perfect game to play when you want to simply pass the time. Play it when you’re bored or looking for a way to escape your daily routine by making someone else’s much more fun! Make friends with NPCs and become a socialite as you move up the corporate ladder. But if you aren’t approached by anyone then how do you even make friends on BitLife? Well, it’s easy! Read on to find out the dos and don’ts.

How to Make Many Friends in BitLife

How To Make Friends On BitLife

To make a bunch of good friends in BitLife, all that you need to do is perform positive actions when interacting with NPCs. This means that no squabbling, spreading rumours or fighting is going to get you anywhere. This isn’t a ‘boys hit girls because they like them’ scenario. FYI, that doesn’t work in real life either.

Some things that you can do in hopes of making good friends in BitLife are:

  • Giving Gifts
  • Going to the Movie Theater together
  • Spending Time together
  • Complimenting them
  • Going to the Concert
  • Having a good Conversation
  • Partying together
  • Watching YouTube together

Finding friends to make in BitLife isn’t hard either as you can easily get some on your own by following these steps:

  • Go to your School/Job tab
  • And now, go to your Classmate/Co-workers tab
  • You will get a whole list of NPCs that either like or dislike you
  • Befriend the ones that like you easily
  • You will have to take a lot of effort to befriend those that don’t like you
  • Now, maintain these friendships with positive actions
  • The relationships should go to a full green bar to be perfect

How to Maintain Friends

Once you make friends on BitLife, you may not have the time to spend time and converse with everyone. In this case, you can just click on the Spend Time With All button. Do this often to get the bar up faster. This will lead to happy friends and a happier character.

It will also make you super popular. And you know what they say about popular people. That’s right, they get everything. So we’d better see those new friends soon!

This is our guide on how to make friends in BitLife. For those of you that are interested in more BitLife articles, check out this one on how to get a Double Platinum Album in BitLife.