How To Exorcise A Ghost In BitLife

Tired of the ghosts haunting your home?

Ghosts have been a part of Bitlife ever since 2019. Players can encounter these supernatural beings in the haunted houses that they purchase. The number of ghosts in a house depends on its level of Hauntedness. Moreover, ghosts can be friendly or hostile and a player’s reaction to them will generally depend on this. It is possible for players to exorcise a ghost in BitLife.

If players have had enough of terrifying ghosts in their castle, they can choose one of two ways to exorcise the ghost. Let us take a look at them below.

Ways To Exorcise A Ghost In BitLife


To exorcise a ghost, players will first need to be living in a haunted house in BitLife. This is the only to encounter ghosts apart from Halloween events in the game. Players can purchase a haunted house through the Assets section. Players can click on the Go Shopping option and choose one of the Real Estate Brokers to purchase a haunted house in BitLife. A haunted house will generally have Haunted in its title so players should be on the lookout for it. However, haunted houses are generally on the expensive side. So, players would either have to apply for a mortgage or collect enough money to buy it in cash.

Once players have purchased a haunted house, they can choose to call an exorcist or perform the exorcism by themselves.

Call An Exorcist

The first option to exorcise a ghost is a hassle-free one. Players can just call an Exorcist to come and perform and exorcism for them. To do this, players will need to go to the activity menu for their haunted house. Here, players will see the Spirits option. After selecting this option, players will see all the ghosts that are currently in the house. Now, players need to select the ghost that they want to exorcise. Unless the player has an Exorcist career, they will only get the option to ‘Hire the Exorcist’ for a certain amount. Players will need to pay the Exorcist to attempt the Exorcism. Depending on the activeness and hostility of the ghost, players might need to go for multiple exorcisms before they are able to successfully exorcise the ghost in BitLife.

DIY Exorcism


If players would like a more hands on approach, they can attempt to do the exorcism themselves. However, to do this, players are required to be an Exorcist by profession. Just as with the hired Exorcist, there is a chance that the process might fail. There might also be random events attached to a failed or successful exorcism. With each failed attempt though, the spirits in the house will become more hostile and the chances of them attacking the character will increase.

This is how players can exorcise a ghost in BitLife. For more BitLife content, check out How To Become Chemical Engineer In BitLife?