Best Games To Play On Apple Watch (2023)

Add a little fun on the way to work, by utilizing that Apple watch on your wrist, with these best games to play on it.

Your Apple watch can do much more than its ECG features, helping you with workout activities, letting you attend and make calls, and showing time. Also, you can play games on Apple watch.

Apple came out with major updates on its watches like watchOS9 which was introduced with features like Astronomy, a daily medication tracker, audiobooks, playtime, and much more. In this guide, we have covered the best Apple Watch games that you can try out.

There are more than 15 games available to fit the tiny screen of your watch. Out of which, we are going to focus on the top 5 games for Apple watch.

5 Best Games on Apple Watch

1. Ping Pong

ping pong apple watch

Pong is one of the best free games for Apple watch available to play. It is a game of ping pong you play against your watch. An amazing retro game to pass your time and relive your childhood arcade gaming era. There are 10 different classic modes available in the game. Along with the chance to play and unlock difficulty levels.

Click here to download Ping Pong from the app store for free.

2. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is one of the paid games for your Apple watch at Rs 81/$0.99. Yet, it is one of the most beloved games to play. The game revolves around stealing or looting items, breaking into vaults, completing such missions, and crossing levels. The watch vibrates every time you gain some points. Users enjoy this game because of the excellent use of the watch’s haptic engine that simulates the feedback (basically the vibrations while crossing levels). It also makes great use of the Digital Crown, i.e. to navigate or magnify content or items in the gameplay or on small watches in general.

Click here to download the paid version of Pocket Bandit from the app store.

3. Chess

chess apple watch

The game of Chess for a watch and phone is one of the best choices for players who would love to enjoy and exercise their brain at game time. The best part about it is that it is free of cost and you can play chess with over 120 million people online around the world. The developers have come out with a new and improved version of the game. It contains some in-app purchases for its diamond, gold, and platinum memberships. But overall you can give the free version a try before it.

Click here to download Chess from the app store for free.

4. Lifeline 2

lifeline 2 apple watch games

Lifeline 2 is another intriguing game here on our list. It is a paid game but worth it costing Rs 245/$2.99. The original part of the series, ‘Lifeline’ received a lot of appreciation from users and is one of the best Apple watch games to play. The game revolves around real-time storytelling and suspense. Recommended for the ones looking for mysterious and strange games.

Click here to download the paid version of Lifeline 2 from the app store.

5. Jupiter Attack

jupiter attack

Another retro arcade game is Jupiter Attack. Bringing back memories from our childhood. The game wouldn’t be complete without its retro sound effects and high-score leaderboard. It also runs on 60 FPS on the Apple watch, which is pretty reliable. however, the game doesn’t come for free but has a cost of Rs 163/$1.99.

Click here to download the paid version of Jupiter Attack from the app store.

No matter how much farther technology goes, we still have our hearts in our classic retro games. We hope this list of the 5 best games on Apple Watch is what you were looking for. If you found this guide helpful you can also check out this guide on the best free weight loss apps for iPhone and Apple Watch.