Best Keyboards To Buy Under 5000 In India (July 2023)

Want to buy the best Keyboards under 5000 in India? Check this guide out.

You will notice that there is a lot of variety in keyboards. And they are available in various budget ranges as well. If you’re considering purchasing one of the best keyboards under Rs 5000 in India, you’ve landed in the right place. We have covered several in the list and each keyboard is handpicked for this list. Glance through this guide and make the best choice.

List of Best Keyboards under 5000 in India – July 2023

Here are some of the best keyboards under Rs 5000 in India. Check out the list mentioned below in this guide to learn more about the features of the keyboard.

  • Microsoft Keyboard 600
  • Offbeat Dexter
  • Redragon Shiva K512

Microsoft Keyboard 600

Microsoft Keyboard 600

  • Connector Type – USB
  • Compatible With – Laptops
  • Special Feature – Multimedia
  • Weight – 748 gms
  • Water Resistance – No
  • Price – Rs 3628/-


  • The build quality of the keyboard is good.
  • It is ready to use once you’ve connected it to the laptop.


  • Keep it away from any beverages or drinks as it is not spill-resistant.

Offbeat Dexter

Offbeat Dexter Best Keyboards

  • Connector Type – Bluetooth Wireless
  • Compatible With – Laptop
  • Special Feature – Multimedia
  • Weight – 6620 gms
  • Water Resistance – Yes
  • Price – Rs 2999/-


  • The Keyboard is waterproof so you needn’t worry about it.
  • You can connect this keyboard via Wireless USB and Bluetooth as well.


  • It is a compact keyboard and not a full-sized one.

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Redragon Shiva K512

Redragon Shiva K512 Best Keyboards

  • Connector Type – Wired USB
  • Compatible With – Laptops
  • Special Feature – Multimedia, Gaming
  • Weight – 450 gms
  • Water Resistance – No
  • Price – Rs 2590/-


  • It has RGB back Lights and comes with a detachable wristrest.
  • It is a gaming keyboard, which means it offers smooth functioning.


  • It is not splash-resistant, so keep away from wet surfaces.


Meetion MT K841 Best Keyboards

  • Connector Type – Wired
  • Compatible With – Laptops, PCs
  • Special Feature – Multimedia
  • Weight – 375 gms
  • Water Resistance – No
  • Price – Rs 1699/-


  • It has silicon buttons for better grip and fast typing.
  • It is lightweight and hence is easy to carry around.


  • It is not spill-resistant, so be careful around wet surfaces.

Here are some of the best keyboards under Rs 5000 in India. Glance through this guide before buying your new keyboard to make an efficient choice that fits your budget. Keep in mind that the prices mentioned in this guide are subject to change and may vary depending on the time and place of purchase.

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