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Best Ring Light For Instagram Reels To Buy In India (November 2022)

Want to buy the best Ring Light to make Instagram Reels in India? Check out this guide.

Since Tiktok was banned in this country, most of the social media users and influencers have started expanding their network on Instagram reels. Well, it only takes a minute for you to watch it but there’s a lot of time invested to make that one minute worth spending. If you’re in search for the best ring light to make Instagram reels in India, your search ends here. In this guide, we have mentioned a list below which contains a handpicked bunch of lights, with the budget, that you can consider buying.

List of Best Ring Light for Instagram Reels in India – November 2022

Below, you will find the list of best ring light for Instagram reels in India. Apart from reels, this light can be used for vlogging, and shooting other short videos. Take a look at these lights and make a choice that suits you best.

  • Osaka LED Ring Light
  • ADZOY Premium Ring Light
  • Tygot LED Ring light
  • Digitek DRL 12C

Osaka LED Ring Light

Osaka LED Ring Light

  • Compatible devices – Smartphones, DSLR
  • Circumference – 18″
  • Weight – 5kg
  • Price – Rs 3,999/-


  • It comes with a 9ft stand so it will be easy to set it up.
  • The circumference of this light is 18″ which is good.


  • The build quality of the stand could have been better.

ADZOY Premium Ring Light

Adzoy Premium Ring Light


  • Compatible devices – Smartphones, Cameras
  • Circumference – 12″
  • Weight – 850 gm
  • Price – Rs 1,499/-


  • It comes with a tripod stand to easily set it up.
  • It contains 3 lights and all of them can be dimmed if necessary.


  • The circumference is a bit less, could have been better.

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Tygot LED Ring light

Tygot Portable LED Ring Light

  • Compatible devices – Smartphones
  • Circumference – 10″
  • Weight – 238 gm
  • Price – Rs 1,999/-


  • It is a portable ring light and performs well even outdoors.
  • It has three lights for different feels of the picture.


  • The circumference is 10″, it could have been better.
  • It doesn’t come with a tripod stand.

Digitek DRL 12C

Digitek DRL 12C Ring Light

  • Compatible devices – Smartphones, Cameras
  • Circumference – 12″
  • Weight – 2.2 kg
  • Price – Rs 1,799/-


  • It comes with a stand so you can easily set it up.
  • You can adjust the color temperature through the switches.


  • It is a bit heavier than other competitors.

These are some of the best ring light for Instagram reels in India. Skim through this guide once before buying your new ring light. Also, keep in mind that the prices mentioned in this guide are subject to change and may vary depending on the time and place of purchase.

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