Best Monitor Brands (Companies) Of India (July 2023)

These are top companies or brands of India that you should consider while purchasing a monitor.

With one of the world’s largest workforces, India has become an inseparable part of the global economy. India has jumped from 81st rank to 40th rank in Global Innovation Index. And it is no wonder that IT and electronics are a big part of developing nations like ours. Recently, India took the presidency of G20, making it even more crucial to know about companies that are excelling here and will become a major part of the future, so here are the top monitor companies or brands of India.

Top Monitor Companies or Brands of India (July 2023)

Dell Top Monitor Brands


Dell is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies that manufactures electronic products like PC, smartphones, televisions, and many more. This American company is one of the best choices for consumers looking for laptops and monitors. Currently, the most popular desktop series of this brand here are Alienware and S. Alienware specializes in gaming. And the S series is best for professional use.


Samsung Best Monitor Brands

Samsung is a South Korean company known for its innovation and service. Since it has spread its wings in almost all electronic sectors, its loyalty base is higher than many other tech brands. They produce smartphones, washing machines, televisions, watches, monitors, and more. Currently, the most famous Desktop series here are Odyssey and Smart monitor.


LG Top Monitor Companies

LG is also a South Korean multinational brand that firmly established itself in India. Today they sell consumer products like water purifiers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, air care, projectors, monitors, and so on. Today their most famous series here is Ultragear, which specializes in gaming.


ASUS ROG Best Monitor Brands

Huáshuò or ASUS founded in Taipei. This Taiwanese company manufactures budget-friendly computers and electronic products such as servers, projectors, and monitors. Originating its name from Pegasus, this brand has flown over the world covering every part of the globe. Today its most famous desktops series in India are ROG, TUF, and ProArt.


Acer Top Monitor Companies

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company that manufactures electronic products like PC, smartphones, laptops, projectors, and monitors. With a net income of over 6 billion dollars, this company keeps on raising. They are highly preferred by Indians, because of their cost-friendly innovative range of devices that start with just 6k in monitors.

Hope this list of top monitor companies or brands of India was knowledgeable to you. If it was, then go ahead and read about the best G-SYNC monitors.