Best Gaming Chair to Buy In India (July 2023)

Want to buy the best Gaming Chair in India? Check this guide out.

If you’re planning to have a long gaming session, you want to be in your proper comfort zone to do so. And the most basic thing, your chair, must be comfortable or else you won’t be able to continue effectively. Well, in this guide, we have filtered and compiled a list for you to buy the best Gaming Chair in India easily. All you have to do is to go through this guide and check out the features and the budget range.

List of Best Gaming Chair in India – July 2023

Here is the list that you can go through and pick the best gaming chair in India from among other options. Glance through this list to make a choice that suits you best and fits your budget.

  • Drogo Ergonomic
  • Dr Luxur Devil
  • Green Soul Beast
  • Casa Copenhagen R88

Drogo Ergonomic

Drogo Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Material – Sturdy Padded Foam
  • Back Style – Wing Back
  • Weight – 20 Kg
  • Other Features – Adjustable Lumbar, Adjustable Height, Headrest
  • Price – Rs 19,999/-


  • It has an adjustable back angle of up to 180 degrees for your comfort.
  • It contains a headrest too.


  • It isn’t made from silent fabric, it might make noise while sitting on the chair.

Dr Luxur Devil

Dr Luxur Devil Gaming Chair

  • Material – Polyurethane
  • Back Style – Wing Back
  • Weight – 25 kg
  • Other Features – Adjustable Armrests, Detachable Neck pillow, Foldable footrest
  • Price – Rs 18,990/-


  • It has adjustable armrests and lumbar seat, so you can comfortably settle yourself in.
  • It also contains a detachable neck pillow and foldable footrest for more comfort.


  • Your height plays an important role in being comfortable in a chair, so that will differ from person to person.

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Green Soul Beast

Green Soul Beast Gaming chair

  • Material – PU Leather
  • Back Style – Wing Back
  • Weight – 21 kg
  • Other Features – Nylon base with wheels, Class 4 hydraulics, Detachable lumbar pillow
  • Price – Rs 15,690/-


  • It has recliner back seat and can set your angle up to 180 degrees.
  • It contains a detachable lumbar pillow for your comfort.


  • The maximum weight it can sustain is 120 kg, so keep your weight in mind before choosing this one.

Casa Copenhagen R88

Casa Copenhagen R88

  • Material – Aluminium
  • Back Style – Wing Back
  • Weight – 20 kgs
  • Other Features – Adjustable armrests, Ergonomic mesh design
  • Price – Rs 12,999/-


  • It has adjustable armrests and height for your comfort.
  • It has a breathable mesh design for a comfortable long gaming session.


  • The maximum weight this chair can sustain is 136 kg, so check that aspect once before buying.

These are some of the best gaming chair options you can get your hands on. Glance through this guide once before buying your new chair. Kindly keep in mind that the prices mentioned in the guide are subject to change and may vary depending on the time and place of purchase.

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