Best YouTube Vanced Alternative Apps In 2022

Take a look at these YouTube Vanced replacement apps.

YouTube Vanced was a modified third-party app built for Android that has since been discontinued. The app included a built-in ad blocker and was quite popular while it lasted. However, since its discontinuation, users have been on the lookout for the best replacement for YouTube Vanced and we have listed the best alternative apps for them.

Best YouTube Vanced Alternative Apps 2022

YouTube ReVanced


YouTube ReVanced is the unofficial successor of Vanced and the best alternative app. However, it is unaffiliated with Vanced. Users will get an ad-free experience with easy-to-customize themes and features. It is a free-to-use app for Android users. There are some new features in addition to the ones that users have already seen in YouTube Vanced. Users will be able to use most features of the app without registration.



LibreTube is another free app that can serve as a good replacement for YouTube Vanced. Users will get features like no ads as well as support for subtitles. It is a great option for users that are concerned about their privacy while using such apps. Users will be able to access most features in the app without requiring registration.



SkyTube is a free to use app for Android, Windows, and Apple TV that is a good YouTube Vanced alternative. It offers features like an ad-free experience complete with content filtering. Users will not require a Google or YouTube account to use this app. Moreover, users can also get the background listening feature.


Youtube-Vanced-Replacement-Alternatives-NewPipeNewPipe is a free app where users can download the videos, convert videos to MP3 or MP4 format, and background playing. Users can subscribe to NewPipe and enjoy reduced data usage. There is no registration required to use this app. It is also a privacy focused alternative where users transform written text into spoken text.



Another free to use app that is a great alternative for YouTube Vanced. It is an ad free, privacy focused, and self-hosted. This app consumes much less device resources in comparison to other apps on this list.

These are all the best YouTube Vanced alternative apps. For similar content, check out How To Hide Subscribers Counts On YouTube?