How To Know IG Threads Current User Count?

Threads user base is growing rapidly, if you want to keep track of the current user count of Threads, this article is for you.

Threads user count is rapidly increasing by the minute. The app was launched on July 5th, 2023, and within a day it attracted the masses. What’s more interesting is that you get to be a part of this ever-growing journey of this Meta app in this way. If you are curious to know how many users are there on the Threads app to decide whether it’s getting popular or dying off – here’s how to find out the sign up numbers.

How to Know Current Threads User Count

threads user count
Threads via zuck on Threads

You can always track Threads user count through this –

As of now, there are 60 million Threads users already signed up on the platform. They are just increasing as we speak. To Log into Threads you have to be an Instagram User. Instagram already has 2.35 billion users and to only think that the majority of them are yet to join Threads.

Threads is also attracting Twitter’s audience, which is 450 monthly active users. Overall, it is gaining the attention of the audience that belongs to both these platforms, Instagram and Twitter. It is spectated that the Threads user count is going to be pretty huge with its target audience being so massive.

We have yet not come to the interesting part that is, users get to know which number they were to join Threads. Along with their unique serial number id, which automatically appears on their IG bio. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg said that Threads crossed 10 million sign ups in the first seven hours and 5 million in the first 4 hours. It took Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter a lot of time to get to even reach a 10 million user count. Threads are doing what no other app has done.

As of now it is not certain if Threads will beat Twitter. If Threads keeps growing and there are necessary updates made like, adding the hashtag feature and more, then Threads is most likely to beat Twitter in its user count.

So this was our article on Threads user count and how you can check on it. If you found this article helpful you can also check out this article to know if Threads allow NSFW content.