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Why Instagram And WhatsApp Are Not Working Today In India

Find out the possible cause behind these errors and glitches.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform. WhatsApp is an instant messaging and video calling service. The one thing both these platforms have in common is a large number of daily users. This is also true in India where both these platforms have a massive amount of users. With such a large user base in India, it is not unusual for Instagram or WhatsApp to experience glitches or stop working.

There can be a number of reasons behind the apps not working. Let us take a look at some of the issues that users are experiencing and the possible reasons behind them.

Instagram And WhatsApp Not Working Today In India


Both these popular apps are currently having issues. However, Instagram has had the biggest share of complaints with Sign-in issues, glitches, and music becoming unavailable. On the other hand, a majority of issues being experienced by WhatsApp users are messaging and connection related.

However, there has been no official acknowledgement from either app about the errors being experienced by the users. This indicates that the errors are not due to any scheduled maintenance or update. These events are specifically addressed by the developers complete with an expected down time.

For now, it seems like both Instagram and WhatsApp are facing random technical errors. Sadly, there is no way for users to fix the issues until the developers solve it from their end. Users will just have to be patient and wait for the problems to be resolved quickly.

Users can go to sites like Downdetector and Istheservicedown to check if other users are experiencing the same issues as them. These sites are also helpful to understand if the issues being experienced by the user are due to some error on their end or the developers.

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