How to Download Apex Legends Mobile Early Access? (2022)

Players will soon be able to enjoy Apex Legends on their mobile devices

Popular shooter game Apex Legends is finally making its way to mobile devices and gamers are understandably excited. However, the game is not yet available to everyone. Apex Legends has rolled out closed beta tests for a select number of players that began last year. These small closed beta tests are only available for Android device players. So, how can a player download Apex Legends Mobile Early Access? Read on to find out.

How To Get Apex Legends Mobile Early Access?



Apex Legends Mobile has been in Closed Beta in India, the Philippines, and Malaysia since July 21st, 2021. Players that want to get Early Access to Apex Legends Mobile can Pre-register for the game. These players will be notified when the game is available in their region. Players that register will be eligible for getting one of the limited Beta slots. However, pre-registering does not guarantee players a place in the Beta tests. It is invitation only and the server has a registration limit that functions on a first come first serve basis.

Where To Pre-Register For Apex Legends Mobile Early Access?



Apex Legends Mobile will only be available on Google Play in the beginning. This has been confirmed by the game developers. Players can head over to Google Play and search for Apex Legends Mobile to check the status of the game in their region. If they see an option to Pre-register, they can choose to do so to be in the running of players vying to get in on the closed beta tests. Players should avoid trying to download the game through a third-party site or an APK download. These are not trustable platforms to get the game and may contain a virus or malware. Therefore, players should wait for the game to come out and download it through official storefronts.

What Devices Will Apex Legends Mobile Be Compatible With?


As per official sources, the beta version of the game is compatible with phones running Android 6.0 and up. However, the final version might support more devices. Since it is being created specifically for mobile devices Apex Legends Mobile will not have a cross-play feature with Console or PC.

Players that do get into the beta tests will not be able to keep their progress at the end of the beta tests though. They will have to start fresh like the rest of the Apex Legends community.

This how players can get Early Access to Apex Legends Mobile. For more Apex Legends content, check out All Apex Legends Rules (24, 32, 33, 34, And 63) & Their Meanings.