Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Controller Support And Aim Assist

Wondering if Apex Legends Mobile will offer Controller Support and Aim Assist?

Apex Legends Mobile is the mobile version of the popular battle royale game. Since its arrival, players have been curious about the features available in the game. Options like Controller Support and Aim Assist make Apex Legends Mobile much more enjoyable and easy to maneuver. This is why players have been questioning whether the mobile version offers these features. Let us take a look to find out.

Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Controller Support?


It will please players to know that Apex Legends Mobile does offer controller support to some extent. While earlier the developer had stated that controller support will not be available for the device, the game has been launched globally with partial controller support for Android and iPhone. Players can connect and external gamepad to play matches in the game.

However, as stated by the developers, this is only an early version of the controller support. The feature is still under development and will be released fully with future update. So, players might experience glitches while trying to navigate the game with a controller. It is best to wait for the updated Controller Support to arrive in the game before players attempt to enter matches with it.

Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Aim Assist?

Apex Legends Mobile is also set to have Aim assist. The Aim assist will apparently be quite stronger than its PC  counterpart. In addition, the game is also set to have a higher TTK. This is to counteract the low mobility players will get as compared to PC.

Just like Controller Support, Aim assist is still under progress and could see many changes in Apex Legends Mobile. While the Aim assist was quite higher in the beta iteration of the game, it has been adjusted since then. Moreover, players that do not wish to use Aim assist can turn the feature off from the settings menu.

So, to answer the question Apex Legends Mobile does have Controller Support and Aim assist. As the game goes through further updates, players are sure to see further improvements. For now, check out How To Unlock All Legends In Apex Legends Mobile before you dive into the game.