Apex Legends Mobile Emulator Detected Bypass Trick 2022

Use this Apex Legends Mobile hack to play the game uninterrupted.

Apex Legends is a mobile strategy battle royale shooter game. It has been developed for Android and iOS users. While it is possible to play Apex Legends Mobile on a PC, the game will give the ‘Emulator Detected’ message to players and ban them from the game. This can be quite cumbersome for players that just want to play the PC version of the game.

However, it is possible to bypass this error and use an Emulator without being detected and banned.

Apex Legends Mobile Emulator Detected Solution (2022)


There is no straightforward method to avoid the Emulator Detected message in the game. However, players can use a loophole to their advantage and continue playing AP Mobile without being banned. To avoid this, players must try out the Gameloop emulator. It is a popular emulator through which players can bypass the Emulator Detected message and continue to play Apex Legends Mobile on a PC.

This is not to say that players will not get the above message if they try to play the game through Gameloop. However, instead of exiting the game, there is a little trick players can use to stay in the game. When opening the game, players must stay in the windowed mode instead of going fullscreen. Now, players must go to the Me section and start Apex Legends Mobile.

As the game is loading, the Emulator Detected message will pop up in Apex Legends Mobile. Players will need to quickly hit the Back Arrow at the top of the Emulator screen. If players hit the back arrow fast enough, the message will disappear and the game will continue to load normally. However, players might experience this error again when they hit the Play button. This can be solved with the same trick as above.

This is obviously a glitch that has gone under the radar for now. For more Apex Legends Mobile guides, check out How To Use Finishers In Apex Legends Mobile?