Aceu Apex Settings (2022): Video, Mouse, Keybinds, & More

Here are all the best settings to use in Apex Legends!

Aceu is a popular Apex Legend player who officially plays for NRG Esports. He is a former CSGO player and younger brother of  “iiTzTimmy” who is also a famous Apex Legend Player. The real name of Aceu is Brandon Winn and he is a 26-year-old retired Apex player from America.

Aceu’s net worth is around $59,000 and he is also known as Ace and Aceu. Looking at his popularity and records in Apex Legends many players are trying to find out about the Gears and Settings used by Aceu in Apex Legends. If you are also one of them then, look no further as we have you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the Gears and settings used by Aceu to play Apex Legends.

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Aceu Apex Legends Settings – 2022

Aceu Apex Settings

Here are all the Gears, Video Settings, Mouse Settings, and Keybinds used by Aceu while playing Apex Legends.

Aceu Apex Legends Gears

Keyboard  Ducky One White on White TKL
Mouse FinalMouse Starlight-12
Mousepad ZOWIE G-SR Tyloo
Monitor ZOWIE Xl2546
Headset Apple Earbuds

Aceu Apex Legends Video Settings

Display Mode Full Screen
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target 0
Ambient Occlusion Quality Disabled
Anti-Aliasing None
Aspect Ratio 16.9
Color Blind Mode Off
Dynamic Spot Shadows Disabled
Effects Detail Low
Field of View 110
Impact Marks Disabled
Model Detail Low
Ragdolls Low
Resolution 1920×1080
Spot Shadow Detail Disabled
Sun Shadow Coverage  Low
Sun Shadow Detail Low
Texture Filtering Bilinear
Texture Streaming Budget None
Volumetric Lightning Disabled
V-Sync Disabled

Aceu Apex Legends Mouse Settings

DPI 400
ADS Multiplier 1
Mouse Acceleration Off
Mouse Invert Off
Mouse Sensitivity 4.2
Polling Rate 1000

Aceu Apex Legends Kebind

Aim Mouse Right Click (Hold)
Crouch Hold Left Ctrl
Crouch Toggle C
Equip Grenade G
Equip Weapon 01:01
Equip Weapon 02:02
Fire Mode B
Health Item 4
Holster Weapon 3
Interact/Pickup E
Inventory Tab Key
Jump  Space Bar
Melee V
Ping Middle Mouse
Reload R
Shield Toggle H
Sprint Left Shift
Tactical Ability Q
Ultimate Ability Z


These are all the alterations used by Aceu to play Apex Legends that might help you enhance your gaming experience. But, one doesn’t need to stick to the same. As every player is different from one another and everybody’s style of playing also differs, you can refer to these settings and make necessary changes according to your comfort zone to enjoy Apex Legends at your best!