Solo Leveling Chapter 164: Release Date & Time, Recap and Where To Read

Solo leveling is one of the most popular Manwha today. Let's see where to read Solo leveling chapter 164, recap and release date & time

Solo Leveling is the Manhwa that has become a rage amongst the fans. So much so that the wait for every edition is getting more and more difficult. The story revolves around Sung Jin-Woo and his quest from an underdog to the strongest in the human and monster world. As of now, 163 chapters have been released, and a new chapter is supposed to release every week. Let’ see what is the date and time of the Solo leveling chapter 164 release. Where to watch it and a recap of the story until now.

Solo Leveling Chapter 164 Release Date And Time:

Solo Leveling Chapter 164 is set to release at midnight (Korean Standard Time) on 25th August. The English version releases a few hours after the Korean version so you won’t have to wait for long.

A new chapter of the manwha is released every week and if there is a delay the publishers and the author inform the fans through Twitter. As of now, there has been no such announcement which means Solo leveling chapter 164 should release on time.

Where To Read Solo Leveling Chapter 164

The English version of Solo leveling is officially released on Tapas Media every week. Some chapters aren’t available on the platform as well. Tappy Toon and Kakao Page should be your go-to websites to read Solo Leveling and also discuss everything about the Manhwa.

Quick Recap

As of chapter 163, the conversation with Shadow Monarch is going on. Sung Jin-woo just realized that it was not his caliber but also his fate that made him the greatest of all. He realized how the shadow monarch chose him to be the best. With the conversation with the Shadow monarch coming to an end and Jin-woo deciding to come out of the dream state we can expect hid fight with the Monarchs to resume in Chapter 164, that too in a more intense way.

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