Attack On Titan: Founding Titan Facts You Should Know

Here are a few facts about the Founding Titan that you are unaware of.

The most difficult part for every anime fan is finding that one gripping anime that will keep them entertained for hours and blow their minds. One such addictive anime is the action fiction Attack On Titan, which has wowed anime maniacs with its narrative. If you’ve seen AOT, you’ll know that the strongest and mightiest titan in it is Founding Titan. But I’m sure there are a few unique things about it that you’re missing out on. Let’s see what you’re missing.

AOT: Founding Titan

As you already know, superior to all Titans, Founding Titan has been passed down from generations whose screams can change the minds of both humans and titans. It has been in Fritz’s possession for centuries and has caused chaos throughout the universe. There are some considerations about it that you might not have noticed when watching AOT, which are listed below.

1. Highly Powerful


All of the Titans in Attack of the Titans have one or more special features. However, only the Founding Titan has provided the greatest amount of power, making him the most powerful of all. He has the power to manipulate other Titans and even alter their minds. Furthermore, it has the potential to shift the human mind with the sound of a scream.

2. Mind Control

When the Founding Titan was passed down to Fritz, he wiped his people’s memories, leading them to forget their past. Also, they were brainwashed into thinking that Titans murdered the remaining human race.

3. Dina Fritz Attacked Eren’s Mother

Dina Fritz, Grisha’s first wife, and Frieda’s distant cousin was the titan that swallowed up Eren’s mother. On the same day, both of his parents were murdered, making him an orphan.

4. Controlling Eren’s Wrath

The two rivals, Paradis’ Survey Corps and Marley’s Warrior Unit joined hands to stop Eren’s fury while he was on his way to Marley. This is where the story turns interesting.

5. Ackerman Clan


Even though Titan is great and powerful, it cannot control the Ackermans, who recall the entire world history. Hence, The royals attacked them out of fear. When transmitted through each generation of the Fritz family and renamed the Reiss family, it finally falls into the hands of Uri Reiss.  Uri befriends Kenny Ackerman and puts an end to the family’s killings, bringing peace between the families.

6. Eren’s Father Killed The Royal Family

Yes, you read that correctly. But it was Eren who pressured him to do so. Eren’s plan for saving the world was to free the Eldians, whereas Zeke’s plan was to let them suffer. Grisha assisted both sides in resolving their disagreement. Grisha time travelled and watched Erin one on one with Frieda in the dream, suggesting that he wasn’t the right match to kill royals, and the rest is history.

7. Historia Wanted Founding Titan Back

When Historis discovered about her family’s and the Grisha’s misdeeds, she wished devouring Eren and reclaiming the Founding Titan. Ironically, she ended up killing Eren’s father.

8. Zeke & Eren Transformed Everything

Stepbrothers Zeke and Eren, who are polar opposites, finally teamed up to rescue the planet. They were able to motivate a large number of people to their mission, and in the end, they changed the world for good.

9. Eren’s Inappropriate Decisions

Eren was in command of the Founding Titan and used Karl’s Colossal Titans. Karl created them in order to slaughter huge numbers of people. Eren and Zeke were foolish to argue about events that occurred before they’re even born, but Eren was not unaffected and adamant.

10. Grisha Killed Royal Members


We already know that Frieda acquired the Titan while in Karl’s control. Grisha approached Frieda and asked her to utilize her superpowers when the Colossal and Armored Titans’ raid on their homeland. When she didn’t, he used his Attack Titan to destroy the most of of the royal family, and ends up getting the Founding Titan.

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That’s all you needed to know about the Founding Titan in Attack On Titan. Check out our Anime category for everything anime-related.