Dragon Ball Filler List: Anime Filler Guide (November 2022)

Wondering which episodes are fillers in the 153 episodes of Dragon Ball?

The Dragon Ball franchise is a huge one. Even those who don’t actively follow anime have probably heard about it. The anime series for the manga consists of 153 episodes. It was broadcast on Fuji TV from February 1986 to April 1989. If you are looking to get into the anime series but want to skip the fillers, check out our Dragon Ball Filler List.

Here we have put together all the episodes that are not strictly connected to the main plotline. We have also included a list of partial filler or mixed canon episodes.

Dragon Ball Filler List: What Episodes Can You Skip In The Anime Series?


Dragon Ball was originally serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from 1984 to 1995. The first 194 chapters of the manga were adapted for a Japanese anime TV series. The series follows the story of a young Goku who is on a quest to find the seven Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Filler Episodes

The Dragon Ball series has 153 episodes which include 21 filler episodes. This is remarkably low for a series that had such a long run. In addition, the anime series also has 3 mixed cannon episodes. Let us take a look at the list of filler and mixed cannon episodes in Dragon Ball below.

Episode Number Episode Name
30 Pilaf and the Mystery Force
31 Wedding Plans?
32 The Flying Fortress – Vanished!
33 The Legend of a Dragon
45 Danger in the Air
79 Terror and Plague
80 Goku vs. Sky Dragon
81 Goku Goes to Demon Land
82 The Rampage of InoShikaCho
83 Which Way To Papaya Island?
127 Quicker than Lightning
128 Secret of the Woods
129 The Time Room
130 Goku’s Doll
131 Walking Their Own Ways
132 Hotter than Lava
149 Dress in Flames
150 The Fire-Eater
151 Outrageous Octagon
152 Mystery of the Dark World
153 The End, The Beginning

Dragon Ball Mixed Cannon Episodes

These episodes may have some bearing on the main plotline but won’t affect the story too much if you skip them.

Episode Number Episode Name
29 The Roaming Lake
42 The Secret of Dr. Flappe
44 Master Thief, Hasky

These are all the episodes that viewers can skip during their Dragon Ball watch. For filler episodes in Bleach, check out our Bleach Filler List.