Demon Slayer Main Character’s Age, Height, And Birthday

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Demon Slayer is a popular Japanese anime series that is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. The story follows a teenage Tanjiro Kamado who has chosen the path of a demon slayer.

Through the series, we discover that this is because his family was destroyed and his younger sister Nezuko was turned into a demon. The anime covers chapters 1 to 53 of the manga. It is rated 17+ due to its gory content.

The series draws viewers in with Tanjiro’s quest to save his sister and avenge his family. We meet a number of characters throughout the series. Viewers that are curious to find out more about these characters will find the age, height, and birthday of the main characters in Demon Slayer below.

Main Character’s Age, Height, And Birthday In Demon Slayer


These stats detail the main character’s age and height from the start of the series to the end.

Character Age Birthday Height
Tanjiro Kamado 13-15 July 14th 5’5″
Nezuko Kamado 12-14 December 28th 5’02”
Zenitsu Agatsuma 16 September 3rd 5’5″
Inosuke Hashibira 15 April 22nd 5’5″
Kanao Tsuyuri 16 May 19th 5’1″
Genya Shinazugawa 16 January 7th 5’11”
Sanemi Shinazugawa 21 November 29th 5’10”
Giyu Tomioka 19-21 February 8th 5’9″
Shinobu Kocho 18 February 24th 4’11”
Tengen Uzui 23 October 31st 6’6″
Mitsuri Kanroji 19 June 1st 5’6″
Obanai Iguro 21 September 15th 5’4″
Muichiro Tokito 14 August 8th 5’3″
Gyomei Himejima 27 August 23rd 7’2″
Kyojuro Rengoku 20 May 10th 5’10”
Sabito 13 NA NA
Muzan Kibutsuji 10,000+ N/A 5’10”
Rui N/A N/A 4’5″
Akaza 200+ N/A 5’8″
Daki 113+ N/A N/A
Gyutaro 126+ N/A N/A
Doma 133+ N/A 6’2″


The Demon Slayer series aired from Apr 6, 2019 to Sep 28, 2019. It was now finished airing. Each episode of this action fantasy series is about 23 minutes in duration.

That is all about the main character’s age, height, and birthday in Demon Slayer. We hope this article provided the information you were looking for. For more anime content, check out the Best Anime Like Cowboy Bebop.