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Boruto Main Characters Age, Height & Birthday Chart

Take a look at all of Boruto's main character's Age, Height, and Birthdays.

Check out the list of all the Boruto main characters Age, Height, & Birthday in the article below. As we all know Boruto is the sequel series of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. The show gained popularity especially because of a whole new package of villains and main characters. The main reason fans fall in love with this show is because of its characters. If you don’t know much about the show then here’s a quick summary for you.

The story of Boruto takes place after the end of the Shinobu War when the world has reached a state of peace. The show is all about Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada continuing the legacy of Naruto. Every character in the series has a unique personality which makes the show more interesting. If you want to know more about the main characters then we’ve got you covered.

Boruto Main Characters Statistics – Age, Height & Birthday

Boruto Main Characters Age, Height & Birthday

Go ahead and take a look at all the Boruto main characters Age, Height, and Birthday. See which characters share the same height and birthday date with you.

Characters Age Height Birthday
Boruto Uzumaki 12 years 4’9″ inches/ 145cm 27th March
Sarada Uchiha 12 years 4’10” inches/ 147cm 31st March
Konohamaru Sarutobi 27 years 5’10” inches/ 177.5cm 30th December
Mitsuki 12 years 4’11” inches/ 149cm 25th July
Naruto Uzumaki 33 years 5’11” inches/ 180cm 10th October
Himawari Uzumaki 10 years 4’6″ inches/ 138cm 1st August
Kakashi Hatake 48 years 5’11” inches/ 181cm 15th September
Hinata Uzumaki 32 years 5’3″ inches/ 160cm 27th December
Sakura Uchiha 33 years 5’5″ inches/ 165cm 28th March
Sasuke Uchiha 33 years 6’0″ inches/ 182cm 3rd July
Isshiki Otsutsuki 1000+ years 5’5″ inches/ 165cm Not Available
Jigen 1000+ years 5’8″ inches/ 178cm Not Available
Kawaki 14 years 5’1.5″ inches/ 157cm Not Available

Along with the new characters the show also consists of old legendary characters. Now you know all the Boruto main characters Age, Height, and Birthday. However, check out this Naruto X Boruto Ninja Tribes Tier list and Reroll guide.