Top 10 Best Romance Anime To Watch Now (2023)

Fan of anime as well as romance, then this list is for you.

Love is a complex yet simple emotion, though expressing that emotion is not an easy job. Everyone has their theory of it, which makes it even harder to explore and make it such that everyone can enjoy it. But animes have been doing it pretty well. Sometimes they make it so beautiful that it leaves you with a feeling of emptiness after its end. To fill that void we are giving you a list of the top 10 best anime that you should watch now if you are a fan of romance.

List of Best Romance Anime That You Should Watch Now (2023)

Here are our suggestions for the best Romance anime that fans should not miss.


Miyamura From Horimiya
The story is about two high school students Kyoka Hori and Izumi Miyamura. They are in the same class but they live in a different world. Hori is a popular girl and Miyamura is invisible to everyone. But Miyamura is very different from what people in school think about him, the way he dresses in school and the way he dresses outside makes him look like a different person.

These two strangers who always brushed past each other coincidently meet each other and form a bonding that slowly develops into love. It’s a beautiful love story that explores the fear of not being accepted and discrimination. Miyamura and Hori both are trying to hide one side of themselves, but for Miyamura, it’s his true self. This story is about his journey of accepting himself.

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden was trained as a weapon and treated as one too. She was a War Machine that felt absolutely nothing after killing dozens of soldiers ruthlessly. To be precise she didn’t know what feelings are until she met Captain Gilbert. Gilbert didn’t see her as a weapon but as a human being, a human with a crystal-like uncorrupted soul.

But destiny played a cruel game with her, they became part of a war where the captain was claimed dead. He made Violet leave that place with his last words “I Love You”. To Violet, it’s a word that she doesn’t understand the feeling of. This story is about her journey of discovering what she lost, her emotions, and the meaning of those words.

 Your Lie in April

Kaori Miazono From You Lie In April Best Romance Anime

This story is about a guy named Kosei Arima a piano prodigy, who stopped hearing music during performances after his mother’s death. Every time he played the piano he felt like he was sinking deeper and deeper. that is before he met a beautiful girl, Kaori Miazono. She was playing a musical instrument under a blossom tree.

He instantly fell in love with her but could say, it was because that girl liked his best friend. He became friend A. It is heartfelt to see how Kaori makes her friend A come to reality. She stands with him and makes him realize that he’s not alone, she’ll always stay with him. This one surely deserves a spot in our list of the best romance anime.

Yuri!!! On Ice

Victor Nikiforov From Yuri On Ice

Yuri Katsuki is a 23 years old Japanese figure skater, who loses his will after a bad defeat in Grand Prix Final and returns to his hometown. He admires Victor Nikiforov, the world’s best figure skater, so he mimics his performance. His friends record and upload his performance which goes viral. After which Victor comes to Japan and offers to mentor him.

It is really exciting to see how Victor trains him hard and makes him explore his side that he never thought he could show. What makes this anime special is that it shows not only wins but defeats too and the bonding of Victor and Yuri. Plus point of it is its Title track “History Maker”. All the performances are made so alluring that you’ll don’t be able to get your eyes away from them.

Your Name

Your Name

This story is about Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana who are living in two separate time frames but start switching their souls after Mitsuha wishes to become a Tokyo boy in the next life. The body switch thing happens every day, one day they are in their original body and another they are in another.

As they start living with each other they start to develop a feeling for each other as they started to communicate with each other through notes and messages. It’s a rollercoaster of emotion, it is funny to see them act like each other and it is emotional when they realize their feelings but something happens.

Weathering With You

Weathering With You Best Romance Anime

Hodaka Morishima is a runaway kid who escaped to Tokyo because of some unknown reason. And Hina Amano is a schoolgirl who lives with her younger brother. And to take care of her brother, she has to pretend to be much older than she is and works for a living. During one such job hunt she gets in trouble and Hodaka helps her.

They become friends after Hina shows him, her special power. Which they then start using for money. But everything comes with a price as they start thinking that things will become good and start embracing each other, things start to crumble.

Ouran High School Host Club

Haruki Fujioka From Ouran High School Host Club

Haruki Fujioka is a middle-class girl who got into a prestigious school with a scholarship. She cut her hair short and dressed like a boy on the first day of her new school. While looking for a quiet place to study she mistakenly enters a host club and breaks a really expensive vase. As repayment, she has to work as a host since she looks like a boy they mistook him for one too.

There are many male leads but Haruki’s love interest is Tamaki Richard. Tamaki is a flower boy who is very kind and silly, while at the start she doesn’t pay much attention to him. But, after encountering each other again and again they start developing feelings for each other.



Rihito Sajo and Hikaru Kusakabe are polar opposite. They go to the same school, Rihito is an intelligent introvert and Hikaru is a free-spirited guy. But never even talked with each other until Hikaru started helping Rihito with his choir. They slowly start liking each other. It’s a peaceful story that doesn’t drag much but is also not hasty.


Houtarou Oreki From Hyouka Best Romance Anime

Houtarou Oreki is an energy conservationist, he believes you should spend just the amount of energy which is needed. He says “If I don’t have to do something, I won’t, but if I have to do it, I’ll do it quick”. That is until he meets Eru Chitanda, Eru is a very curious girl who forces him to solve every mystery she encounters.

She disbalances his life and eventually makes him take steps on his own. Mysteries in here are carefully made and are extremely fun to work on. I still wish that it had more seasons.

Whisper of The Heart

Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper Of The Heart is a classic coming-of-age and realistic anime. Where struggles of dream and love unbalance and get balanced with time. An unknown boy and a girl who loves reading share an artistic soul that ties them at some point. But life is not a smooth road. So what the future holds for them is for you see.

This is a list of the best romance anime that you should watch now and if you found the topic interesting look at our other topics like the best anime like Cowboy Bebop and Hindi dubbed anime to watch.