Top 5 Best Anime Apps To Watch Anime In 2022

From Crunchyroll, Netflix, AnimeFox to AnimeLab, here's a list of Mobile applications to watch Anime in 2022.

Anime has become one of the most loved genres right now. Since the popularity of Anime TV shows and movies is increasing with each passing day, a lot of fans started searching for a list of the best Anime apps.

The reason why have compiled a list of Anime streaming applications is watching Anime TV shows or movies on a Smartphone is not as smooth as on a PC when it comes to websites. Besides having a smooth experience the list of Anime streaming apps that we have enlisted below would allow you to download shows and movies in HD quality for offline watch.


Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Anime Apps List – April 2022


Not all but the majority of Anime apps mentioned below are 100% free and let their users download TV shows and movies without any cost. If you don’t know what these applications are and how they work, keep reading this post.

1. Crunchyroll

Best Anime Apps


The list of the best Anime apps is incomplete without Crunchyroll. Yes, there are plenty of apps available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store but none of them can take Crunchyroll’s place when it comes to watching and downloading Anime TV shows or movies.

The Crunchyroll application has a simple yet user-friendly interface making it easier for its players to watch Anime on a Smartphone. There is a feature in its Android application that allows users to create a watchlist but it can’t be used in its free version.

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As we have already mentioned above, you will have to buy Crunchyroll’s subscription if you don’t want to see ads while watching Anime on your phone. If you are having trouble downloading Crunchyroll’s app from Google Play Store then you can download it from third-party sites like APKMirror, ApkCombo, or APKPure.

2. Funimation

Best Anime Apps

Funimation is without a doubt one of the best Anime apps to watch English dubbed anime. After downloading Funimation app on your device, when you open it for the first time, you will be shocked to see the collection of Anime movies or TV shows available on it.

This Anime app might not have a huge collection as Crunchyroll but it would not disappoint you when it comes to watching the latest Anime TV shows or movies. Similar to the previous one, you will have to buy its paid version to see shows or movies without ads.

The only drawback of this application is it often crashes and lags and is only available in a few countries.

3. Netflix

Best Anime Apps

Irrespective of whether you want to watch Anime on your phone, PC, set-top boxes, tablet, or Blue Ray Disc, there is no better option than Netflix. Similar to the previous Anime streaming apps, Netflix is a paid streaming platform that has a huge library of Anime TV shows or movies. What makes Netflix the most sought-after Anime streaming app is it lets its users watch shows and movies in multiple languages.

The reason why the popularity of this American subscription streaming platform is increasing with each passing day is it keeps reducing its subscription price and adding a lot of new content to its platform on a weekly basis.

I have been using the Netflix application to watch Anime for a couple of years but I have not encountered an error that left me frustrated. If you are looking for an Android app to watch Anime TV shows or movies then I highly recommend using Netflix.

4. AnimeLab

Best Anime Apps

AnimeLab might be not as popular as websites like Netflix and Crunchyroll but its application does have a collection of Anime movies or TV shows that will keep entertained for months or years.

The reason why fans love the AnimeLab app is its interface is too simple and user-friendly helping them to find their desired Anime movies or TV shows in no time. Unlike the previous Anime apps, it is 100% free and it lets its users download content for offline watch.

The only drawback of the AnimeLab app is it is not available outside Australia and New Zealand. If you want to use it to watch Anime then you will have to download it from sites like APKPure, ApkMirror, or any trusted site and use VPN and select Australia and New Zealand.

5. AnimeFox

Best Anime Apps

AnimeFox is yet another Anime app that can be used for free. Since it is a free Anime App it does not mean that it does not have movies or TV shows to watch. This application has a huge library of the latest and old Anime movies and TV shows.

What makes this Anime app popular among fans is its interface is very simple. Yes, with the help of its interface, you can easily sort Anime TV shows or moves based on their genres, release date, or rankings.

The only drawback of this app is you will have to watch a lot of ads while watching your favorite Anime TV shows or movies online. If you are don’t mind watching ads then you would not face any other issues while using this app on your phone.

These were the top 5 Anime apps that you can use to watch Anime TV shows or movies in 2022. Since a lot of Anime applications are available on the internet, we will add more here in the time to come.