Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Extra Pages Leaked Online?

The alleged leak comes a few weeks before the official launch of AOT Chapter 139.

If there is any Manga or Anime series that millions of fans currently waiting for, it is Attack on Titan Chapter 139. Months before its official launch in Japan or America, a few additional pages of AOT Chapter 139 have reportedly been leaked on the internet.

According to Dual Shocker, AOT Chapter 139 will have eight extra pages and two different limited editions, each contains a special booklet. The names of these two editions are yet to be disclosed.

Has AOT Chapter 139 Extra Pages Leaked Online?

Yes, a few additional pages of Attack On Titan Volume 139 have surfaced on the internet, giving a glimpse of what the upcoming chapter will be based on. Before you skip reading this post and search for the leaked page of the series, let me tell you that we have not confirmed whether the alleged leak is real or not.

The leaked AOT Chapter 139 pages show two characters walking towards a tomb with their baby. Notably, the faces of these characters are not visible. Looks like they are heading towards Eren’s tomb, which is located beneath a tree.

You can check out the leaked photo below:

Kodansha had recently revealed that Attack On Titan Volume 34, will have to special editions — Attack on Titan (34) Special Edition Ending and Attack on Titan (34) Special Edition Beginning.

They may have revealed the name of these two editions but they have not unleashed the inside details of the same. According to the latest report, along with these editions, they will also publish a booklet containing two Name.

For the uninformed, Name is a draft on which the Manga characters are based on. As per the Kodansha, the two Name were never made public but were reportedly submitted to the “Serialization Conference”.

They have not only submitted to the “Serialization Conference” but their names have been approved as well. However, he had recently made changes to them. Now, these two Name that will be part of the booklet will be from Chapters 138 and 139.

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Release Date

The official release date for AoT Chapter 139 has been released for both America and Japan. According to the report, the AOT Volume 139 is scheduled to release in Japan and America in June and October this year, respectively.