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Valorant Error Code 138: How To Fix Error Code 138.

Frustrated because of the Valorant Error 138? Here is how you can fix it.

Some Valorant players have come across an error, the error code 138.  Although this error might not appear for everyone, many people are experiencing it and we have a few ways for you on how to fix Error Code 138.

Valorant is one of the most played shooting games these days. This Riot game is getting more and more popularity and in the middle of that these errors are causing players to get annoyed.

What is the Error Code 138 in Valorant?

The error code 138 in Valorant stops players from connecting to the game servers. Therefore, most players have encountered this error when trying to enter a session. The game client is unable to create a connection with the server and this is making players disconnect constantly. Players see this error when they disconnect from the client.

How to Fix Error Code 138 in Valorant?

Most errors like these happen after an update has happened on the game and there are ways that you can fix the error code 138. Try these if keep getting the error constantly.

  1. Reinstall Riot Vanguard

    This problem can be caused by a corrupted game file and sometimes the only solution would be to reload the file. Follow these steps to reinstall Vanguard.
    > Click Start on your Desktop
    > Go to Control Panel and click Programs & Features
    > Spot the Riot Vanguard and click uninstall.
    > Restart your PC and it will reinstall Riot Vanguard.
    The Error Code 138 should be gone.

  2. Check Valorant properties.

    It is possible that the game is not set as an administrator on your PC which is why all the files aren’t able to run smoothly. To change the settings follow these steps.
    > Right-click the Valorant icon and Click properties.
    > Go to compatibility.
    > Click on Run this program in compatibility mode, select Windows 8.
    > Press Run the game client an administrator option and apply the settings.
    > Restart your PC.
    This should have fixed your Error Code 138 in Valorant

  3. Change Process Priority

    If none of the options worked for you above, you can try this option as your Vanguard might be glitched.
    > Go to Task Manager
    > Look for the Vanguard Tray Notification app and right-click.
    > Go to details and click on Set Priority.
    > Make sure you set it to Normal and then restart your PC.
    If none of these options work for you, contact Riot Games Customer Service and tell you the issue you are facing. They will be able to check and acknowledge it for you.

Hopefully, you can fix the error code 138 in Valorant. Meanwhile, check out this guide if you’re getting Error code VAN 68.