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Best Recall Timing Guide For Pokemon Unite

Are you confused about the little To Base button? Then check out this guide.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game. And such games require you to plan your moves before jumping into a field. Because your enemies might have set the trap, leaving you helpless. Due to this, you should be aware of everything that will save you in such times. Like Jump pads and base recall. The Recall feature returns you to the base. And you get the opportunity to recover and return using Super Jump. Now let us check out the best timing for Recall in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite: Best Recall Timing Guide

To Base Recall Timing Guide

The Recall feature is used with the “To Base” button. If you are playing the game from your mobile, you will see this button beside the collected points. And if you are using Nintendo, you will find it on the bottom left side of your screen.

The Recall to base option should be used when your Goal Zone gets attacked and you are far from it. As this button will teleport you to the base, where you can recover fast and use Super Jump to get near the Goal Zone. This option has a few seconds of cooldown period, but two or three seconds is a lot for a 5-minute match. So use them carefully. And they get nullified if you get attacked in the middle of teleportation. Therefore sometimes it is better to use ambush rather than base recall.

The other scenarios where you should teleport back to your base are, when Pokemons like Zapdos and Rayquaza appear, when your teammate gets ambushed, and when you are low on HP. Remoat Stadium, Theia Sky Ruins, and Mer Stadium have Super Jump near their base. You can use them to get back at the match after recovering or in time of need.

In this guide, you learned the best Recall timing in Pokemon Unite. If you are looking for more such articles. Check out evolution timing and Super Jump guide.