Mobile Legends: How To Get Credit Score

Want to increase your credit score in Mobile Legends quickly? Here's a guide to help you get more credit score.

In Mobile Legends, you require Credit Score to unlock more battle options like Ranked Mode and also access Classic and Arcade Mode. Credit score going up or down depends solely upon the player and their behavior in-game. If you are having low points, or you just want to reach the maximum point available in the game, then to your relief it isn’t that difficult to increase your credit score. Here, this guide will go into detail explaining how you get points and increase your credit points in MLBB with the below easy-to-follow tips.

How to Get Credit Score in Mobile Legends

Get credit score in Mobile Legends

There are a few ways by which you can acquire score points in Mobile Legends, some of these depend upon your current credit score as well. Now, before we get into how you can increase your credit score, let’s look at which things can get your credit score low in the game.

How is Credit Scores affected

The standard credit score when you start with ML is 100, it changes according to your in-game behavior.

  • You lose 5 points for every AFK and intentional fleeing.
  • Deduction of 1 point for not tapping Enter after a match is found.
  • Deduction of 3–7 points if reported by multiple players.
  • Deduction of 2–3 points if reported by another player and verified.

Get Credit Scores in MLBB

  • Login Daily: – The easiest way to get free credit in Mobile Legends is as simple as logging in to the game daily. Every day as you log in to the game, you get 1 credit point. Although, this gain is only applicable if your credit score is below 100.
  • Complete 7 Matches:-  While playing with a credit score above 100, you will receive 1 point after every 7 matches you complete, regardless of the result.
  • Play in BRAWL mode:-  As in this game, regardless of the outcome of the match, you will get 1 point. Hence, playing in BRAWL mode which lasts for not more than 8 minutes means you can play more number of matches, giving you more credits quickly. To unlock this mode, including Classic and Arcade, you will have to have a score between 60-89.

Advantages of a High Credit Score

If you have a credit score below 70, you will be able to acquire credit points even when playing against AI. Now one of the interesting things is about the highest credit score you can get in the game which is 110. Once you reach this threshold, you receive 8,500 battle points for a week, with 10% more in each match you play. Furthermore, you also unlock Silvanna Future Cop exclusive Skin if you are able to maintain a 110 credit score for 7 days.

That being said, with these above tips, you can easily get credit scores added to your profile, giving you access to a few extra bonuses and benefits. That’s everything you need to know on how to get credit score in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Moreover, you can also learn how to rank up fast or find here the best heroes in Mobile Legends.