How To Get Shards Of Power In Geometry Dash

Do you want to complete the Power of Shards collection and get all of its Icons in Geometry Dash? These methods will help you obtain them.

Geometry Dash is a simple yet complex action platformer game with some near-impossible challenges. You can fly rockets, flip gravity, unlock new icons, customize character color, and build your own levels. It is easy to spend hours and not realize where time went. It is rhythm-based so the soundtrack is a vibe in itself. Like that was the good beat, oops I lost again! But no matter how many times those spike pricks, completing levels is worth it when they unlock Achievements with Icon.

There are many ways to get Icons in the game, one of which is collecting Shards in Geometry Dash. Also known as Shards of Power, every time you obtain a certain number of them, it unlocks the new Icon. Additionally, there are ten types with different themes: Fire, Ice, Poison, Shadow, Lava, Earth, Blood, Metal, Light, and Soul.

How to Get All Types of Power Shards in Geometry Dash

All Types of Power Shards in Geometry Dash

There are many ways to get Shards of Power in the game, some of which are listed here:

  • Daily Chests: You will find the Daily Chest icon on the main screen. Even when you are not playing the game, just open it every day and collect the rewards from the box. You might not get them each day, but it is the easiest way to acquire this item.
  • Weekly Demon: Just as it sounds these are Demon levels. They are difficult, but the rewards you get from them are gainful. Apart from the Shards, you can get Mana Orbs, Key, and Diamonds. Plus, there are different difficulty levels, so you can start with the easiest one and then make your way up.
  • Gauntlets: Each Gauntlet is made up of some user level with increasing difficulty. Completing the ones with Fire, Ice, Poison, Shadow, and Lava gives you the 3 Shards of that type.
  • Path: Unlocking any Path requires 50,000 Mana Orbs, and only one can stay active at a time. You must collect 1000 Moons or Stars to get the Chest with Shards of each type.
  • Treasure Room: Go to the Create option from the main screen. Look for the door at the bottom right corner and use 5 Keys to unlock it. Inside the room, you will find many chests; use the Keys to open those. It is rare to find the item there, but it is worth it as you can get Mana Orbs and Diamonds from it.

What Happens When You Get 100 Shards of Any Type?

Once you have collected 100 Shards of any of the ten types, you will get new effects like Fire Master, Key, some Orbs, and Diamonds. After this, whenever you get an item of the completed type, it will convert to Mana Orbs.

Collecting Shards in Geometry Dash is going to be a long process, so while you are grinding for them, make sure to check out our dedicated section for more interesting game features and items.