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Collect Bonuses From Crafting Stations In The Sims Freeplay

Read this guide to learn how to Collect bonuses in The Sims Freeplay.

All Crafting Live Events come with a few fixed tasks that players have to complete to receive the Continue Collecting arts and crafts items message. With which you can focus on crafting and completing Milestones tasks. Here we will learn about one such assignment: Collect bonuses in The Sims Freeplay.

How to Collect Live Event Bonuses in The Sims Freeplay

Collect Crafting Live Events Bonuses

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To collect bonuses in The Sims Freeplay, tap on the craft item that appears on the Crafting Sims head in an interval of a few minutes, as shown in the picture. If you are looking for more detailed steps, then keep reading the guide.

  • Launch your game on any mobile device.
  • Go to the place where you have placed the Crafting Stations. Note Crafting Stations can only be used when Crafting Events are live. Such as the Memphis Mansion Event, which is active at the time of this guide.
  • If you haven’t placed any Crafting Stations yet, then go to the Event Items section of The Home Store and buy Candle Station or any other Station you have unlocked.
  • Place it in the empty area. These Stations are limited, so it is suggested to buy all the available ones and use them to complete your tasks faster. Plus, you only need to buy them once, and then you can use them for all upcoming crafting events.
  • Tap on the folder icon on the bottom left corner of your screen. Check for free Sim and use a whistle to call it over.
  • Now, tap on the Crafting Station and choose a duration. Wait for a few minutes, a bonus icon with an image of what your Sim is crafting will appear on its head. Tap on it to collect bonuses in The Sims Freeplay.

Why Collect Bonus

If you have unlocked, placed, and used all the Crafting Stations. Then you can easily earn more than 2000 bonus within a few hours. Which is a pretty decent amount when compared to how much they craft.

That’s all on how to collect bonuses in The Sims Freeplay. While you are here, read about Memphis Mansion Live Event and how to reach Nirvana in Neighbor’s park.