How Do You Buy Cards In Gods Unchained?

Cards are bought and sold as NFTs in the game.

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn blockchain-based game developed by Immutable. In the game, players can collect rare cards, build their decks and sell cards to other players and buy from them in Gods Unchained. Cards are bought and sold as NFTs. Players can use this trading system to build a perfect deck in the game as well as earn by selling unwanted cards to other players in the market.

Let’s find out how players can buy cards in the game.

How To Buy Cards In Gods Unchained?


Players that want to buy cards in Gods Unchained will first have to install a compatible wallet like MetaMask. To install MetaMask, players can go to the official site for the wallet and install the browser plugin. Now, players will have to sign up and create a MetaMask account. After players have created a MetaMask account, players can follow the steps given below to buy Cards in Gods Unchained.

  • Players will first need to buy and deposit some ETH (Ethereum) to their account’s associated wallet.
  • Next, players can go to the official website for the game to see the Card packs and chests available for purchase. Different Card packs are available during different seasonal sales periods.
  • If players have missed out on a Seasonal Card, they can purchase them off other players on the Immutable X Marketplace or approved third-party marketplaces. This also holds true for Chests.
  • Players can also earn seasonal packs from in-game events such as Weekend Ranked. However, such events can be random so players will have to purchase some Cards if they want to build their dream deck.
  • Different Card packs have different rarities like Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny. The prices of the Card Packs will depend on the rarity of the pack. This will also influence their resale value.

How To Buy Individual Cards In Gods Unchained?

Apart from the card packs, players can also purchase individual cards by following the steps given below.

  • Players must go to the official Gods Unchained website and click on the Market option.
  • Now, players can select the Buy and Sell button. This will take players to the marketplace.
  • Players will see all the Cards available for purchase and pick the one they want.

This is all about buying Cards in Gods Unchained. For more related content, check out How To Identify Genuine NFT Games?