10 Best Discord Bots For Servers To Try In January 2022

Here are the top Discord bots that might serve your ultimate needs.

You have the power to completely transform your text-voice-based server into your favorite hangout spots with some of the finest Discord bots out here. We’ve precisely selected the best to save you efforts and time.

List Of Top 10 Best Discord Bots (2022)

Excellent Discord bots make the perfect tool for enhancing Discord servers by integrating a slew of features such as games, mod functions, poll rewards, songs, and a variety of other exciting traits. If you want to create the best Discord servers, the free and simple-to-install bots mentioned below are your best bets.

1. Octave – Music Bot

Best Discord Bots

You can count this as one of the best music bots for Discord as it lets you enjoy music from YouTube as well as Sound Cloud. You can pause, stop and even discard songs with Octave. The most amazing quality which makes Octave the best Discord bot is its excellent server uptime. You have the freedom to play music in the background without the fear of the server is going down.

2. Nugget Bot – Multi-purpose Moderation

Best Discord Bots

Customize your channel with the help of this multi-purpose moderation bot which hosts several quality stuff and commands. Nugget Bot dashboards allow you to handle every single thing once equipped with your server.

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Set-up logging users’ control, assign roles, draft welcome message, and even design auto commands like creating memes, arcade games to play in Discord, telling jokes, and such others for Discord users to access. It offers a whole range of moderation tools.

3. Mee6 – Influencer’s Bot

Best Discord Bots

This is one of the top picks for content creators with a massive audience base. It allows you to manage the user base pretty conveniently with a variety of moderation tools. Besides empowering engagement and build a strong user-base it also features a leveling system. Create content alerts that go live in YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit alongside filter out trolls via customizable options.

4. Strodl – Entertainment Fan

Best Discord Bots

If you are an entertainment freak then this is the must-have Discord bot embed in your server. It helps you distribute virtual loyalty money to the users if you wish to create an economy server. Play cards against humanity, get lost in text adventures, or simply cherish HD music with Strodl.

5. ProBot – Discord Interface Bot

Best Discord Bots

The tool comes bearing excellent moderation features but the one that stands out is its wonderful dashboard. Handle moderation queues, design welcome pages, set automatic responses are a few of its many features. Indeed ProBot is the best Discord tool available in the market.

6. Dank Memer – Meme Generator Bot

Best Discord Bots

As the name suggests, it is the best Discord bots for users who breathe on memes. You can generate your own meme formats. In addition to this, it also hosts a fun currency element that allows you to rob banks and your friends and buy goofy items from the stolen currencies.

7. Carl-Bot – Chat Bot

Best Discord Bots

Carl-Bot is the ultimate one on the list for drafting messages to certain reactions. It also allows powerful moderation tools that let you ban, send warnings, send misbehaving users to private chat rooms, and more.

8. Epic RPG – RPG Based Royalty Bot

Best Discord Bots

The Epic RPG is the best Discord bot for die-hard royal battle fans. Show your prominence by buying virtual items, participate in dungeons and minibosses, leverage commands to fight, hunt, search coins, and loot. In a nutshell, it is a perfect way to bring royalty via economy.

9. DiscordTip – Cryptocurrency Tip Bot

Best Discord Bots

Conveniently automate cryptocurrency tipping with DiscordTip bot. Either send cryptocurrency commands to other players or tip to the developer anything will work in your favour. It is the best way to keep track of your cryptocurrency like Bitcoin investments via multiple commands.

10. MedalBot – Viewed Video Clip Bot

Best Discord Bots

The MedalBot encourages you to medal video clips from within Discord, detect spam, mute, or block troublemakers. This finest Discord bot also allows you to blacklist certain words, delete messages and auto-assign roles or even play songs from YouTube.

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These are the best Discord bots that you must equip on your server to make it a truly fantastic place to chill with your buddies.