How To Bake (Recipe List) In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Do you smell something baking? If not, now you will, with the help of this guide on how to bake in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure has several items that you can bake. This will help gift the other characters and level up a friendship with them. However, It just doesn’t stop there, you can also complete quests and missions when you are trying to gather the ingredients to make some recipes. The oven is getting heated up so let’s start baking.

How to Bake Cakes & More in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

bake in hello kitty island adventure

You need to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe to access the Oven there to bake items in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. The base ingredient to bake every recipe here is flour, which will be gained as a reward from My Melody. There are cakes, pies, rolls, breads, and a lot more that you can make in the game. Furthermore, you will require to gather the following ingredients so that you can bake the given recipes –


bake cake in hello kitty island adventure

  • Almond Pound Cake
    • Flour + Toasted Almond + Candy Cloud
  • Spooky Cake
    • Flour + Swampmallow + Pumpkin
  • Volcano Cake
    • Flour + Chocolate Coin + Magma Bloom
  • Sakura Cake
    • Flour + Sakura
  • Sugarkelp Cakes
    • Flour + Sugarkelp
  • Pineapple Stack Cake
    • Flour + Pineapple
  • Strawberry Shortcake
    • Flour + Strawberry


bread hello kitty

  • Cinnamon Bread
    • Flour + Magma Bloom
    • Flour + Cinna Bloom
  • Tofu Bread
    • Flour + Tofu
  • Milk Bread
    • Flour + Coral Milk
  • Veggie Bread
    • Flour + Spinip


cinnamon rolls bake

  • Cinnamon Roll 
    • Flour + Cinna Bloom + Candy Cloud
  • Candy Roll
    • Flour + Candy Cloud + Magma Bloom


red bow apple pie

  • Mama’s Apple Pie
    • Flour + Apple
  • Pumpkin Pie
    • Flour + Pumpkin
  • Red Bow Apple Pie
    • Flour + Apple + Magma Bloom


strawberry almond gazette

  • Chocolate Balls
    • Flour + Chocolate Coin
  • Macaron
    • Flour + Toasted Almond
  • Pastry
    • Flour + Candy Cloud
  • Beignets with Pineapple Dip
    • Flour + Pineapple + Candy Cloud
  • Strawberry Almond Galette
    • Flour + Strawberry + Toasted Almond

So these were all the recipes that you can bake in the Oven at the Hello Kitty Cafe. Besides, that you can also check out how to make all drink recipes or how to make all dessert recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.