How To Defeat Demons In Free Fire Holi Event 2022?

Are you stumped on how to beat demons in the on-going Free Fire event? Then continue reading to find out!

You must agree that Free Fire is the most dominant title in the mobile royal battle genre right now. Its developers are constantly thinking of new ways to bring special content to its loyal fan base, whether by incorporating the latest gaming elements and features or by hosting events to celebrate various real-life festivals in a unique way.

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One such event is currently live in tandem with the forthcoming Holi festival, and finishing it needs you to defeat demons to collect the best rewards. Many players are stuck on this activity or shown an error message.How-to-defeat-Demons-in-Free-Fire-(1)

As a result, they started Googling: How To Defeat Demons in Free Fire? And if you are one of those folks, consider your problem solved.

How To Defeat Demon In Free Fire?How to defeat Demons in Free Fire

As mentioned in the earlier section of this guide, the most recent Free Fire Holi event, “Fight For Colours,” has assigned players the task of defeating demons, but many players are unsure how to do so. Once you’ve figured out how to defeat demons in Free Fire, you’ll be able to easily complete the event and claim exciting rewards, which you can read in our Free Fire Holi Event Rewards guide.

When attempting to unlock the Holi event-specific enhancements, your screen may have displayed an error message indicating that you have not defeated the demon in Free Fire. Don’t fret, just follow the instructions below for how to defeat the demon in Free Fire.

  • In Free Fire Holi event you will be tackling a total of 5 demons.
  • The event has established some paths as shown in the picture below which consists of missions for you to conclude.How to defeat Demons in Free Fire
  • These paths have designated colours namely red, blue, yellow, green, and rainbow.

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  • You must first conduct all the missions in the paths.
  • After all the missions are successfully completed you will come face to face with demoness.
  • All you have to do is simply shoot down the demoness to battle her out.
  • Since this demoness is quite challenging to defeat I must warn you to be prepared for the worst.

You can also check the below video for how to defeat demons in the Free Fire query.

I hope how to defeat the demon in the Free Fire guide helps you in fighting off the demons, Good luck!